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April 30, 2019

How to open fast food franchise in Mumbai?

Food Court Franchisees in India: In the 21st century India, where every city has better professional prospects, Mumbai is the biggest metropolitan. Mumbai is a city known for its fancy and spicy lifestyle. Influenced by the glamorous Bollywood, people are known for their trendy fashion. Mumbai shelters many international fashion brands with many local markets such as Fashion Street, Linking road, and Colaba Causeway. Additionally, the city is famous for its multiple malls and shopping centres, including Palladium, Inorbit, R city, Oberoi, Infiniti, and the Fun Republic. While wondering down any malls and shopping places, Mumbaikars—or any human being, for the matter—always love to grab a bit. Be it just a sandwich, coffee, or a whole meal, people in Mumbai are known for their love for food. The number of foodies is no less here, and the city is always lined with eateries, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and franchise outlets. Future of hotel and restaurant industry in Mumbai city is very bright and blooming. Along with a fast food franchise in Mumbai, there are now rising numerous food court franchise opportunities in India.

How to open a food court and fast food franchise in Mumbai?

There are a few basic steps, one needs to consider for food court franchise opportunities in India.

1. Invest in a fast food franchise you will enjoy running:

Many people have a mindset that just because something appears appealing on a paper, it is the right business for them. But if you don’t enjoy what you do, how will you raise your professional bars? Thus when getting into a franchise business, decide what you will enjoy the most in spite of all challenges that will come your way. There are many kinds of fast food franchise opportunities in India available to choose from, such as pizza franchise, sandwich franchise, authentic cuisine franchise, juice and shakes franchise, chicken franchise, cafes, and many veg restaurant franchise India. Along with these, entrepreneurs are now also exploring food court franchise opportunities in India. Choose what you like best because you have to enjoy operating a food franchise to stay motivated and inspire your staff and customers.

2. Market research and analysis: Before investing in a fast food franchise in Mumbai or in a food court franchise opportunities in India, it is essential to find out about the parent company and its brand as much as possible. Detailed research always goes a long way: how much business parent company makes, how many franchise outlets the company runs, what are the franchise fees, how will the company support you for establishing your outlet, etc. Also, it is advisable to have a knowledge of your competitors, such as what are their USPs, what people like there the best, how much ROI they make, and what are the strategies they implied. These are few of the basic and initial questions, but it is crucial to have these details for an informed decision.

3. Don’t attempt everything by yourself: Opening a food franchise in Mumbai and in India requires a lot of support. In India where cheapest franchises cost nearly around Rs. 20 lacs, it is not always possible for an owner to invest all the amount from their personal savings. Banks, government schemes or sometimes even families can help you with monetary requirements. Apart from money, stress will build up after opening an outlet. In these cases, parent companies can help you with effective management by sufficing your culinary and kitchen needs. All franchisees need a cook; depending on food-theme, they need a continental chef, need a Chinese cook. Authentic cuisine franchisees need a south Indian cook or need a north Indian cook. Many chef recruitment agencies will guide you in recruiting kitchen staff, chefs, and waiters and take care of their timely training.

4. Designing a smart business model: For exploring any food court franchise opportunities in India, it is critical to have a business plan with specific goals and unique selling points to impress customers. For achieving your goals and fulfilling your aims, people who will help you the most will be your staff. Share your plans with your employees. Engage your employees in quality work and imbibe in them the importance of your franchise. Incentivize them on a timely basis because your road map for success is there too. Rather than teaching, make them understand their roles and responsibilities.

5. Don’t invest until you try: Apart from many chicken-lovers in India, their many vegetarian restaurants too. Such as Maharaja Bhog, Tuskers, Revival is few of the cherished veg restaurant franchise India. The one thing to know before getting into any franchise is that you are not going to be the first one. Find out and visit these places, talk to owners, interact with customers. Most owners love sharing their journey about getting into food franchise in Mumbai or exploring fast food court franchise opportunities in India.

While considering the fast food franchise in Mumbai and India, one very important aspect that promises higher ROI is the location. If a fast food franchise or a food court is located in a rich and developed area then there are high chances people will come again and again. Because here, customers are not much considered about the variety and what’s on the menu, they need a comfortable and quiet space to sit comfortably. If your outlet has gadget charging facilities and Wi-Fi, you will see many customers visiting your franchise regularly to sit and work for hours. If the food court is located in underdeveloped localities, people will not be bothered about the comfortable place as much as they will be about varieties of food served. So, know your customers beforehand for a profitable business.