Allied Services

It’s not only chefs, but other kitchen staff are the lifeline of culinary industry and hotel business, be it nationally and internationally. Working in culinary industry does not only limit to working in a kitchen. Journey of a plate from kitchen to customers’ table does not only involve chefs and cooks.

Along with chefs and cooks, various types of kitchen management staffs are required to operate a restaurant. Without entire staff, a restaurant cannot succeed. Cookfinder provides plethora of allied services apart from chef placements and restaurant consulting services.

Allied Services

Along with chefs and cooks, we recruit various kitchen management staff required outside of a kitchen. Along with restaurant and hotels, we provide staff for cafes, pubs, lounges, bars, etc. We also recruit staff for domestic and guest houses along with providing assistance for celebrities, CEOs, and CFOs. Our allied services also involve the following: restaurant supply, kitchen helpers, commis, bar tenders, waiters, stewards, captains, restaurant managers, accountants, cashier, store keepers/managers, and residential managers.


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