Why us chef

Cookfinder is the only stop for top International brands, Large companies, hotel chain, restaurant chains, cafe for their hiring, placement, recruitment, franchise and consulting requirement. We not only bring an unforgettable and novel culinary experience to hotel and restaurant industry but also proffer an exceptional platform for cooks and chefs by taking their career to greater heights.

Cookfinder specializes in the following

  • Hiring Chef
  • Hiring Head Cook
  • Hiring Executive Chef
  • Hiring Cook
  • Hiring Commi 1, 2, 3
  • Hiring Assistant Restaurant Manager
  • Hiring of Bartender
  • Hiring of Captain
  • Hiring of Cashier
  • Hiring of CDP
  • Hiring Restaurant Manager
  • Hiring Guess house cook
  • Hiring Waiters
  • Hiring Steward
  • Consulting in Kitchen Setup
  • Menu Planing & Designing consultancy
  • Consulting for Recipe standardization
  • Staff Training
  • Operations Training to managers
  • Arrangement for Trail Kitchen
  • Interior Design
  • International Placement
  • Setup of Fine Dine Restaurants
  • Getting Franchise and Location study.

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What we can for



We offer national and international placements in renowned
food and beverage establishments with high salary packages.


Our dedicated team of professional is
constantly at your disposal.


We take care of all your documentation
and legal paperwork.


Your chef career goals
are our priority.


We provide multiple career opportunities
of high-paid jobs to choose from

HOW we benefit our



We offer candidates best suited for your needs from our constantly evolving and registered database of over 1 lac+ cooking professionals.


Before their recommendation, candidates and their
backgrounds are thoroughly verified.


We implement a fast-tracked
hiring process.


We abide by 3-month guarantee policy; if the cook
quits before 3 months, we ensure a high-quality recruitment.


We offer a 100% money back policy in case a cook
does not report on the day of joining.


We are a team of dedicated professionals who strive to
achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


We ensure long-term stay of candidates with employers through
our legal contracts and internal policy.


We provide immediate replacement
in case of any issue.

How we help you grow your one setup to

Franchise module


We help you find the right franchise model based on financial planning and budgeting. We decide and strategically divide the budget into sections such as rent of the place, interior planning, cost of setting up a kitchen and equipment to be acquired, menu designing, kitchen staff and management team, salary of employees, total break-even profits, and return of investment.

Easy communication

If you are planning to set up a fast food restaurant or café franchise business model, we directly connect you to owner and parent company of the franchise and act as the 24-h available communication medium between you and the owner to bridge any gap and eliminate inconveniences.

Trust in us

We ensure responsibly 100% revenue returns and profits; there are limited companies who provide such guarantees and share trust. For total investment, the time needed to recover the whole invested cost and to start generating profits is calculated to propose the right plan of future actions.

Contrastingly, if clients do not want to opt for franchisee model but are interested in starting up their own brand, we offer them detailed consultation services.