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August 05, 2019

Love Indian food? | Get yourself hired in New Jersey

Nearly 2 decades ago, the existence of Indian restaurants in the United States was unaccountable. Latest by 1990s, the Chicago Daily Tribune reported about America’s fascination with Indian culture and cuisine. However, during that time, other Asian cuisines were gaining popularity in the United States. Among Thai, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines, Indian food was less famous. Indian food and its authentic taste have eventually come to be known among American culture. Today, there are nearly 400 restaurants and hotels across New York City alone that serve multinational cuisine. The restaurants and food industry is a $650 billion industry.
Over the last decade, employment success rate and the number of Indian cook jobs in the United States have tremendously grown. There are about 129,370 chefs and head cooks employed in the United States and more than 2.3 million cooks, and a considerable number of accounts for Indian cook jobs is the United States.
As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, numbers notably have risen since 2017. Thirteen states have seen an increase of 90%. In terms of salaries of chefs and cooks, an average of $55,000 was recorded in 2018. Salary usually ranges between $25,000 and $100,000. In the long run, these salaries have increased way faster than the national average of the country.
In May 2018, the median annual wages for chefs and head cooks, including Indian cook jobs in the United States, in the top industries in which they worked were as follows:
Traveler accommodation
Special food services
Restaurants and hotels
The level of pay for chefs and head cooks varies greatly by region and employer. Pay is generally higher in upscale restaurants and hotels, where many executive chefs work, and in major metropolitan and resort areas than in less populated areas across the country.
The popularity of Indian food is now inspiring other cuisines. According to the Nation’s Restaurant News report, 10% of non-Indian restaurants offer Indian-inspired recipes. US Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted an increase of 7% of Indian cook jobs in the United States from 2014–2024. Although the number may not seem huge, it is significant owing to the increasing popularity of Indian food and the authentic high-quality dining.
For those looking forward to education in the United States, the certified course is offered by many institutions, such as the American Culinary Federation (ACF). ACF is known to be the largest chefs and cooks association in the United States. ACF offers nearly 14 certification courses available in areas including cooking professionals, personal cooking professionals, baking and pastry professionals, culinary administrators, culinary educators, and work experience.
Although these courses are not deemed mandatory, certification can guide chefs into entering the commercial kitchens. Varying chefs and cook posts and such job profiles comprise responsibility as those found in any other country. Long working hours, determination, patience, hardworking nature, client management, and customer relations are few of the soft skills required. Executive chefs and chefs who run their own restaurant need to understand the restaurant business. They should know about budgeting, purchasing and procurement, hotel and staff management. Chefs and head cooks need to be creative for developing and preparing innovative recipes. They should be able to use various ingredients for various appealing meals and for customer delight. For Indian chefs, working successfully requires experience, and this may be attributed to fresh graduates not immediately being able to work as a chef. Work experience is required for higher posts such as executive chefs, sous chefs, etc. A bachelor’s degree in culinary arts is highly recommended.
Hip, Hop, and Running in New Jersey!
The popularity of Indian food is prominent in New Jersey; ultimately, the number and demand of Indian cooks in New Jersey are rising constantly. Indian cooks in New Jersey are found to be working in much famous Indian-food serving and other restaurants. Dimple’s Bombay Talk is considered as one of the best Indian food-serving restaurants, and to grab tasty Desi bites, people have traveled from many states in the country to New Jersey. The restaurants specialize in Indian style sandwiches—such as a triple-decker construction made with shredded vegetables, melted cheese, and various chutneys. The Indian chefs in the place have Indian cuisine an exotic touch; Indo-Chinese and Indo-Thai food have greatly experimented.
Hoysala, proffering South Indian taste and menu, is named after an ancient kingdom. The setting offers a buffet that comprises South Indian menus and recipes of meat and vegetable curries. Moghal Express is another famous place for Indo-Mughlai food. Indian chefs have created a menu that includes various traditional dishes that consist of chicken curry, lamb jalfrezi, fish Koliwada, and aloo gobi masala. As a dessert, Bengali sweets are served, whereas for breakfast dosas, idlis, and other south Indian dishes are served. Chote Nawab opened in New Jersey 6 years ago. Named after a Bollywood movie, the place brought an amalgamation of pan-India menus that listed carefully chosen and creatively cooked regional specialties.
To name a few of the many famous Indian chefs in the United States:
Many Indian cooks in New Jersey and other states, as well as many Indian cook jobs in the United States overall, has brought many passionate chefs to light, who have changed the conception of Indian food keeping the authenticity alive and in combination with multinational tastes.