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Cookfinder helps you get franchise all over India for your brand or connects you with restaurant owners who wish to invest, we are one stop place for your cook and franchise needs. We scan your requirement and help you connect with the best brands in food & restaurant industry or the best suited partner for your brand the way you look at. Just fill the form below, and allow us 12 hrs for our expert to call you and discuss with various options that are available for you.

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Cookfinder is a platform which is known for providing excellent placements of passionate cooking professionals to leading food and restaurant establishments. With more than 10 years of experience, founder Rajeev—a food lover—has given restaurant franchise in India a brand-new dimension. Since its establishment, Cookfinder has happily catered restaurants, 5-star hotels, commercial guest houses; that’s not just in India but internationally too, in countries like USA, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore and many more. Cookfinder is one stop solution for all your questions and worries about food franchise business and franchise opportunities.

So, what makes Cookfinder different?

By the time the western culture shone over Indian subcontinent, the country was already in a process of transformation. Restaurant and food franchise industry marked its presence, eventually growing to ultimate levels of success. Today, restaurant franchise offer multiple benefits over independent restaurants, including brand recognition, better business opportunities and monetary support. However, there are few cons on the other side of a coin: cost, location, rules & regulations and potentially higher franchise fees. To be the best, you need to choose the best. That’s exactly what cookfinder helps you with, by bringing in best restaurant franchise on the table for you. With our business statistics and marketing analysis, we provide you low investment food franchise by guiding you plan the financial aspects. It’s not just that, our specialties also include the most profitable franchise restaurant and successful business opportunities, just the way you need. We help you with how to invest in a restaurant franchise.

But the question remains, how to start your own franchise restaurant?

The answer is simple: with Cookfinder, you can now find business opportunities! The roadmap is as follows:

First, Cookfinder researches your local market. Many restaurants give their franchise in exchange of a royalty fee, but before signing the contract, you need to know if the restaurant format will even work in the location you want to open the restaurant in. Thus, it is best if you research your local market for the multiple categories for franchise. Next is deciding the restaurant franchise model you want to open. It could be master franchise model, joint venture model or fully-owned by company model. Once that’s done, we help and examine your budget and, simultaneously, lined-up constraints. Apart from budget constraints, there are other factors as well. These include finalizing vendors and suppliers, restaurant staff hiring and training, commercial kitchen set up and restaurant technology. And that’s what Cookfinder is best with; resolving all the related worries! Chefs and counter staff are hired and trained by us before they enter your kitchen. The counter staff is also trained by us. So, our experts know what they have to do before they do it.

But, how do you buy a franchise restaurant is not a difficult part; the tricky aspect is actually running the business. It does not just require a good amount of investment, but it also demands complete attention, passion and hard work to create an identity in food franchise business and ultimately to become one of the cheapest yet famous franchise restaurants globally, such as today’s KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KrispyKreme. To help you achieve success in the food and beverage industry, Cookfinder lets you compare business opportunities with the latest market trends and recognized brands, so you can choose what’s best for you.

We create a classic business plan for you which lets you understand your franchise and its future prospects. At Cookfinder, we have a professional team of managers and assistants to help you improve your business, or solve any problems you may have. We have the expertise of developing the business of franchisees by giving them valuable support through promotion, new product development, staff recruitment, modern management methods, professionally designed & occasional offers, online awareness, marketing strategies etc.

In today’s time, food and beverages is one of the fastest growing industries in India, accounting more than 40% of total expenditure of urban household. In simple words, the fastest growing fast food business opportunities in India! India has 356 million people between the ages of 10 and 24, giving it the world’s largest youth population, according to United Nations report. India’s market is expected to grow, thanks to changing consumer preferences and the largest youth population on earth. India’s population stands at 1.2 billion, but it has only a little over 2,900 chain fast food outlets. Hence, it is obvious that the opportunity in the fast food industry is bound to grow and grow and grow!

So, choose us, choose excellence!

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Own cinema theatre and restaurant for 25 Lacs only

Own cine dine restaurant

Cookfinder Provides Business Association opportunity with India s First Cine Dine Restaurant Business Model across India


1. Economical Business Model

2. Minimum Investment and Maximum Returns.

3. Portable Collapsible Infrastructure.

4. Least Capital Intensive Infrastructure with Air Conditioned Theatre like Environment.

5. 7 Course Dine In with Free Theatrical Entertainment and Latest Movies.

6. Highest Quality Digital Telecast of the movies with E Cinema 4K Projector Technology.

7. Personalized Wireless Radio Frequency Headphone with Volume Control option.

8. High Quality seating arrangement for 100 Guests

9. Ideally suited for Personal functions if required.

10. Cine Goers Delight at most affordable cost for each segment of society.

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