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June 11, 2019

How to cook for a crowd on a tiny budget?

In India, where the world’s one of the largest democracy resides, cooking for a crowd evokes a picture of massive quantities of food being served constantly. However, this is a reality. Cooking for a large crowd requires to plan the entire process from scratch, but more importantly, it requires looking for a cook. There are multiple cook job agencies in Mumbai that can help to look for a cook. In a metropolitan city like Mumbai, cooking for a crowd is always in great demand. Be it birthday parties, social gatherings, weddings, family get-together, festival celebration, food is mandatory, not just mandatory, but it needs to be served in huge quantities. Each and every detail regarding a menu, kitchen setup, equipment (such as cutlery, glassware, and oven), shopping, cooking recipes, all such details need to be carefully planned and jotted down in a stepwise manner.

Here we specify and elaborate on the minute details that need to be looked into while organizing to cook for a masses.

1. Seek the right assistance:
If you are looking for a cook who will skillfully impress the guests, the best and foremost thing to do would be consulting cook job agencies in Mumbai and pan-India. These cook job agencies in Mumbai understand your expectations and help you hire a perfect chef or cook who knows his way around a kitchen. Hired cooks and chefs are always well-trained. However, looking for a cook is just the first step.
2. Set a budget because of money counts:
Your budget decides the number of guests, venue of the event, type of catering service required, length of the event, and more importantly, quality and quantity of the food. Moreover, in turn, these all factors structure the menu. Find your ways to compromise between what you simply like and what you can reasonably afford. Get an idea of the amount of money that is available for only food, including oils and all other seasonings, and ingredients. Things like plates, flatware, tables, chairs and decorations should be separately calculated in order to know exactly how much money will be allocated for the food. Once you have a rough number in your mind, divide it by the number of guests. Additionally, it makes good sense to reserve about 2-5 percent of your funds for miscalculations, cooking disasters and general emergencies.
3.Strategies and streamline:
When cooking for a crowd, it is mandatory to have a plan. Design your menu and then figure out ahead of time what preparations need to be made.
4.Serving food buffet-style:
Preparing separate recipes can be time-consuming when it comes to events, gatherings, weddings, etc. Nevertheless, plan a menu and serve it buffet-style. This creates a relaxed atmosphere where guests can mingle up with each other.
5.Theme, theme, theme:
It is always ideal to have a theme. Italian. Christmas, seafood feast, authentic English recipes, the cocktail party are a few types of themes, which are largely popular among people, but this factor is not as easy as it sounds. You should be following a theme as a professional. If French is the theme, you cannot serve Indian version soufflé. Here cook job agencies in Mumbai again come in the picture. Chefs and cooks provided by these agencies are extremely professional. Each chef has his/her speciality or forte, and companies provide you, chef, depending mainly on your requirements.
6.Be prepared beforehand:
Keeping everything for the day of the big meal always leads to hustle and bustle. There is never enough time for completing one task satisfactorily in such cases. Thus, always be prepared and be ready before time. Preparing the basic mixture for the gravy, chopping up vegetables, gathering all the required utensils and equipment are few of the tasks to mention. Salads, marinated meat, and chopped up veggies can be stored in the fridge or freezer covered in a ziplock bag; this keeps them fresh and preserves their natural taste.
7.Always have extra food for emergencies:
Since chefs are cooking for a huge number of people, delay in food is likely to be high. To keep guests happy and not wait, make it a point to have a stash of easily available finger food nibbles. Such light food items keep hunger a bit away if the meal is taking longer than expected to be ready. In Mumbai and almost all metropolitan cities in the country, frozen food items are usually available in supermarkets; these can be instantly cooked, just in case
8.Plating out the recipes:
Even the simplest of dishes can look like ones coming out of a commercial kitchen in a five-star hotel when presented with care and finesse. Be a little creative in presenting your dishes, and invest a little time in creating some gorgeous garnishes of fresh fruit and veg to serve with your dishes.
The best way to cut out on procurement prices and to secure fresh quality procure is shopping local produce based on the season. This is thus a critical factor in helping you decide the theme. Buying in bulk and from discount-offering stores will save money and is very cost-effective. When shopping, take a calculator along to easily determine the most cost-efficient package size and purchase the best quality you can afford. Often, purchasing ready-made items especially appetizers and desserts can be less costly than preparing from scratch. Compare the costs of all the available brands.
Yes, cooking for a large group of people is extensive, exhaustive, and involves too much work, but just as we mentioned before cook job agencies in Mumbai are the perfect people to approach and seek the assistance of. Looking for a cook is a must because expertise and skills come from experts. These cook job agencies in Mumbai help you negotiate salaries for chefs based on the market price, and services are usually flawless. So, now confidently cook for people and leave them stunned.