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June 25, 2019

Dubai,The city of foodies!

If there is any paradise on earth for food lovers, it is surely Dubai! A huge influx of tourists and immigrants is one of the biggest reasons that city offers cuisines from all parts of the world—spicy Indian recipes, Italian pizzas and pasta, French coq au vin, Iranian kebabs, etc. However, in the midst of all the different palatable delicacies, one of the must-try on the list is local Emirati food. One will find a range of Middle Eastern food, such as hummus, a smooth dip consisting of chickpeas and sesame paste, and shawarma, lamb/mutton/chicken cut in thin slices and rolled with vegetables into large pieces of flatbread or pita. The seafood had been stapled in Emirati diet for centuries. Few traditional Emirati cuisines include Al Jabab bread, camel meat, dates, kabsa, maqluba, shuwaa, and machboos.
If one is aiming of becoming a professional cook or cooks for restaurants in Dubai, experience in the cooking industry is a must. The hospitality job industry Sin Dubai is tremendous, given the establishment of top leading international hotel and restaurants chains. The city also features some of the best luxury hotels in the world, such as Burj Al Arab; Atlantis, The Palm; Hilton Dubai Jumeirah; The Place Downtown, and The Ritz–Carlton. The food industry in Dubai is highly competitive with international restaurants from all over the world.
Emirati cuisine is known for its exotic flavour, which makes Dubai the centre of attraction for food lovers. To prepare these authentic recipes, cooks for restaurants and professional cooks are in constant demand in the city. To understand how to hire a cook in Dubai, specialized cook recruitment agencies are usually approached by the citizen. These recruiters know in detail how to hire a cook in Dubai and potential manpower from all parts of the world.
Dubai is a city that is home to lots of cooks and chefs working at various levels, yet there is a great demand for more manpower in commercial kitchens. The cosmopolitan side of the city, high range of income, tremendous economic growth, and tourism industry are few reasons which lead to more jobs to be created for line cooks, executive chefs, sous chefs, pastry chefs, and other kitchen and management staff. There is a never-ending demand for chefs and professional cooks for restaurants in Dubai. The globalization and tourism expansion in the city has called for a great increase in the number of multi-cuisine and five-star restaurants, which in turn demands more chefs and cooks to be hired.
Apart from professional cooks in restaurants and hotels, there is a great demand for personal cooks or home-based Dubai cooks. Households in the city—who not always know how to hire a cook in Dubai—usually need skilled and professional cooks who can efficiently fulfil the regular cooking needs. The busy and bustling life and lavish lifestyle of the citizens allow the concept of personal and professional cooks in Dubai. The roles of these private chefs and Dubai cooks include buying the ingredients based on customers’ request and demand, cooking in customers’ kitchen, decorating and serving each dish, and more importantly, cleaning up before they leave. The presence of well-trained professional cooks from the Indian subcontinent and other countries raises the demand for personal cooks. As a result, there is a great ratio of Indian and sub-continental cooks migrating to Dubai. Be it a dinner for two or grand party for 50 people, from the standpoint of a customer, there are usually 5 steps that need to be taken:
1. Personalize your request to the respective chef-recruitment agency.
2. Receive tailor-made menus from the agency for your personal event.
3. Communicate with the chef.
4. Confirm the event with the agency.
5. Enjoy the lovely meal!
Dubai, more precisely The United Arab Emirates, houses majority of expatriates. Majority of them are Indians and Pakistanis, but the country is also becoming popular for British immigrants. Most of the UK expats living across the seven emirates are mostly drawn to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Dubai offers a base for a strong chef and cooks community from all over the world. Apart from the British, some of the best French chefs are now living in Dubai city. Latest restaurant openings from YannickAlléno—the famous French chef—have attracted many French chefs to Dubai. There is also demand for pastry chef having training and experience from Michelin restaurants.
Among the chef recruitment agencies, Cookfinder is an established name that offers recruitment and chef training services to cooks in Dubai city. Based on the strong network across Gulf countries, Cookfinder understands how to hire a cook in Dubai and what needs to be done in terms of the entire process.
Strong knowledge of the employment market in Dubai and a wide network of clientele lets Cookfinder be unique. We provide recruitment services for home cooks, private cooks, cooks for restaurants and hotels, Arabic cooks, Indian cooks, Dubai cooks, continental and international cooks. We have a large number of cooks available from South India and North India. There are few benefits you can avail when Cookfinder is chosen as chef recruitment service provider in Dubai.
1. You can find the perfect chef for your event
2. Experience-based profile analysis of job-seekers
3. Regular updates to the employer about the hiring process
4. A huge database of job seekers and clients
5. Great experience of serving firms all over the world
6. Proper assessment of chefs’ skills
7. Team of experienced professionals
8. Training and management of the staff
9. Provide the best-qualified candidates available
10. Keep each client informed of the recruitment status
11. Foster the highest moral principles and work ethics
12. Maintain full confidentiality at all times