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August 07, 2019

Find Indian Chef Jobs From Indian Recruitment Companies In The USA

Working as a chef in companies looking forward to hiring Indian cuisine cooks in the USA is intriguing to many newbie Indian chefs and cooks. However, it requires thorough research about employment statistics, listing out jobs, application procedure, visa requirements, thorough preparations, etc. Right from applying to jobs to settling in the United States, it is a lengthy process that requires much more detailed aspects to be focused on. Nevertheless, there are multiple chef recruitment agencies that take care of the entire process. The agencies, such as Cookfinder, generally have a well-established presence in the United States. With appropriate guidance from these agencies, chefs and cooks from all around the world can migrate to the USA and realize their dream of working in a country that has accepted multinational cuisine. From the big cities of India, including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad, to Indians who are already settled in the United States, Cookfinder-like agencies serve as a reliable recruitment consultant throughout the USA. Such recruitment agencies aim to provide trusted skilled chefs and cook to companies hiring Indian cuisine cooks in the USA and tie-up with USA-based companies, hotel industries, and fast food franchise chains for fulfilling the criteria of chefs/cooks USA jobs available.
In the USA—considered as one of the largest economic countries—hotel and restaurant industry was established nearly 400 years ago. With globalization and technological advancement, there are more than 55,000 hotels in the entire US. To be a successful chef, it is necessary to know the working of big hotel chains in the USA, such as Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, InterContinental Hotels Group, AccorHotels, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and Best Western. These famous hotel chains have revenue figures of nearly $5.1 billion, $1.78 billion, $.2.24 billion, $4.70 billion, and $6 billion, respectively. Fast food franchise such as McDonald’s, Subway, Pinkberry, Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell are generating ROIs nearly equal to those generated by the hotel chains. Ultimately, bigger figures mean higher employment rate for Indian chefs and cooks in the USA.
When chefs and cooks fly to the USA, it is crucial for them to have a smooth transition between the two different cultures. The agencies, such as Cookfinder, have various domains around the USA for chefs to consult for troubleshooting. Moreover, there are other benefits to choosing these agencies:
1. Training: Companies looking forward to hiring Indian cuisine cooks in the USA generally require trained and experienced professionals. Although the candidate is hired by a hotel or restaurants, it seems challenging for chefs to stand up to the expectations. Thus, to minimize the initial difficulties, recruitment agencies proffer training to chefs and cooks before they start working in American culture.
2. Career counseling: Career counseling is important for new chefs and cooks. This helps them better understand their future career prospects in the USA.
3. End-to-end support: Chefs and cooks can approach the agencies in case of any potential conflict or current issues faced in their work environment. Additionally, companies can report back to the agencies of any misconduct of chefs and cooks. The agencies immediately look into the matter, providing instant unbiased support.
4. Visa applications: A visa proffers temporary permission to stay in the USA. Indian chefs and cooks need to first acquire a work visa when moving to the USA for the career. Few important visa applications that are completely taken care of by these agencies are as follows:
• Specialty Workers—H1B—visa is designed for immigrants who wish to work in a specialized field, for which companies usually sponsor their employees.
• Temporary Skilled or Unskilled Workers—H2B—visa is for immigrants who want temporary, non-agricultural positions.
• The Intercompany Transferees—L1—is for immigrants who will be working for a company that has operations in America.
• Employment-based Preference visa is for those who are already employed. This visa needs to be requested by the employer.
These agencies help potential candidate list top hotels, restaurants, and fast-food chains that are most suitable to the candidate profile. With the client-centric work ethic, the agencies ensure that neither the candidate nor the company will have any hassle during the whole process. Miscommunication is eliminated by getting the candidate in direct contact with the hotel/restaurant authorities.
Benefits of being a chef in the USA:
1. The plethora of career options: In the USA, experimenting with food and recipes is very popular. Right from food trucks across New Jersey and Las Vegas, chefs can now experiment with their food in restaurants, cruise lines, resorts, lounges, community centers, casinos, etc. Private and personal Indian chefs are also in increasing demand throughout the country because of the increasing popularity of Indian cuisine.
2. Acquired skills: Along with mastering the traditional Indian cuisine and authentic recipes, Indian chefs and cooks in the USA are responsible for creating and designing authentic and exotic menus including Indian spices and popular ingredients. This allows a chef to be creative in terms of skills and experiment and learn more about other multinational cuisines and recipes.
3. Promising income and career growth: The USA is a developed country wherein Indian chefs and cooks make a significant amount of money. On average, an executive chef or head chef earns up to $40,000–70,000 annually. In contrast, an assistant chef earns up to $20,000 annually with 1 year of experience, whereas he/she can earn up to $50,000 with over 15 years of experience. As reported in 2017, the median salary for Indian chefs and cooks in the USA was $43,000 annually. The range of salary increases with increasing experience. There are currently 100,000 Indian chefs and cooks working in the USA; this number is expected to increase by 10% over the next decade. The hotel and restaurant industry in the USA is the fastest growing industry and is accountable for earning incredible profits and relevant career benefits. Due to its increasing tourism, the industry is fast-paced and its recruitment requirements and chefs/cooks USA jobs available are constantly growing.