Hotel Franchise

Hotel franchise and business industry in India is growing enormously. With increasing travel and tourism with rising foreign and domestic tourists all over the country, hotel franchise and business sector is bound to grow. There is a growing emergency of good hotel and restaurants to serve authentic and exotic dishes to the customers who seek great food. With Indians being the greatest foodie, international companies are also increasingly looking at setting up such hotel franchises. However, while seeking hotel development opportunities in India, there are multiple barriers one has to face. These obstacles usually include financial risks, high capital costs, competition in the industry, poor infrastructure facilities and, more importantly, scarcity of land to build a hotel. Here are the key points for you to know before you jump in the industry: legalities, financials, management and marketing, quality control, and hygiene aspects.

Hotel Franchise

How to start a hotel business / hotel franchise with Cookfinder

1. Choosing the location and rent

Location, for all franchises and hotel business, is the most critical factor. The hotel should have at least 500 sq. ft. area to build just a commercial kitchen. Counter and serving area should be minimum 200 sq. ft. For the total space, rent becomes other aspect. Cookfinder helps you with all your location requirements. From the right area, location to the right rent, Cookfinder knows the best for you. We also help you get a location that has a proper water and drainage supply. We also help you with the no-objection certificate, local municipal license and food license.

2. Licenses required for hotel franchise and hotel development opportunities in India

A hotel franchise requires five licenses: Food license from FSSAI, GST registration, local municipal corporation health license, police eating house license and fire license. Cookfinder helps you all the licensing and bureaucratic fulfilments. Cookfinder understands that food license, GST registration and local health license are a must for starting the hotel franchise or hotel business. The rest two you can acquire once you commence hotel operations. However, Cookfinder always recommends to have all the permits in place before you start a hotel franchise or business.

3. Chefs, kitchen staff and management staff

The secret to a successful hotel franchise and business is a great team and its skilled teamwork. Cookfinder helps you hire the right staff. Chef is probably the most important individual of the entire kitchen. We provide highly-skilled and passionate chefs who not only cook but also design and create menus. They also lead and guide the rest of the kitchen staff and line cooks. The recruitment rate is very good in the industry. Management staff provided by Cookfinder rightly leads revenue consuming departments, such as accounting, customer service and public relations, and they skilfully organize entire hotel or franchise.

4. Kitchen equipment and raw materials

These are the significant expenses for hotel franchise and businesses. But looking at the thousands of hotel development opportunities in India, Cookfinder gets you the best quality deals on all the required materials. Our vendors are trustworthy and provide exactly what your commercial kitchen needs. To give an estimate, a strong small table of 4 sq. ft. costs between Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 8000. From Cookfinder’s stipulated cost, Rs. 2,50,000 are required to be invested in setting up a commercial kitchen. Raw materials should always be used fresh and natural. Groceries, packaging, dairy and poultry costs around Rs. 30,000 for first week of operation and may vary depending on the sale of your hotel franchise or business.

5. Marketing and advertisement

Cookfinder helps you with the marketing of your brand, hotel franchise before it is built and, also, after it is built. Online and offline promotions, social media presence, development and designing of webpage that makes your business stand out among others, Cookfinder offers many more. Our marketing strategies depend on your perspective and future plans. The right strategies always take you long way.

6. Staff uniform

As discussed, there are multiple hotel development opportunities in India, but all of them have one requirement in common; right style of staff uniform that is appealing to customers. Cookfinder helps you with the designing and styling of the uniform. Staff uniform is one aspect that represents who you are and what your hotel franchise or business is all about. It is thus essential that all the staff members look good, hygienic and well-dressed to draw in the attention of your customers.

7. POS and billing software

The Point of Sale (POS) software is the most critical and integral part of your restaurant and hotel. Cookfinder helps you build an efficiently organized, managed software that tracks all your hotel franchise and business operations. The software can also be customized as per your requirements. Hotel POS has now become more than just printing out bills. Modern POS is a robust, sophisticated and user friendly system that manages entire hotel. Apart from cliché use of computer and laptop, even mobiles are generating your bills. Features such as automatic billing, inventory management, reporting and analysis and central customer relationship management (CRM) have made drastic progression in the industry. Working with Cookfinder also gives you the competitive edge. We help you evaluate your USPs, market demands, growth potential of the food you serve. Cookfinder helps you further evaluate parameters such as hotel’s federal and local standards and regulations. Along with increasing hotel development opportunities in India, hotel franchise industry is massively expanding. With low initial investments, the rewards are endless. Thus, consult the experts at Cookfinder and achieve your goals of a successful hotel business.

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