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Fast food franchise—as the name suggests—is a fast and excellent way to get a métier within restaurant and franchise industry. But to find that perfect breakthrough, you should certainly know to take the right steps in the right direction. And that begins here, at Cookfinder; recruiting highly skilled cooks and chefs across Delhi, Bangalore and all over India and your perfect guide to franchise.

Cookfinder offers plethora of fast food franchise opportunities; established, well-recognised brands, standard business models and planning strategies that are focused on personal, professional and economic growth. Fast food franchise are of various types; of which Cookfinder proffers 7 unique types : Sandwiches-tea–coffee, confectionary items, folk cuisine, juice bars, chicken, pizza and hamburgers. From start to finish, Cookfinder provides support in development, design, operations and eventually staff recruitment, training and then marketing and advertising.

Fast Food

Apart from this, Cookfinder guides you to evolve from standalone fast food business ventures to national and international partnerships with many accredited fast food franchise models.

Quality and convenience are the two key factors to successful and best fast food franchises. To create a strategy to run a franchise, we help you evaluate your skills and preferences, detailed way of working, deciding what you like best and listing do’s-and-don’ts and pros-and-cons. With multiple options of top fast food franchises, keeping an open mind is the best strategy one can employ to cut that first turf.

There are four simple steps you take with Cookfinder to start a fast
food franchise.

1. Knowing your business

Before getting into any restaurant and franchise chain, it is of utmost importance to first understand the business model. The levels of franchisor involvement, associated capital investment and overall operation process vary among different franchises. Cookfinder acknowledges you with the in-depth understanding of the best fast food franchise models.

2. License, permissions and legalities

Particular licensing criteria depend on specific locations of fast food franchise. For any franchise, Cookfinder takes care of basic license and permit requirements. Business registration, professional tax registration, GST registration, trade license, FSSAI registration. Bureaucratic and contractual necessities are the paramount demand.

3. Capital investment and calculating business growth

This is what actual franchise starts with; budgeting. At Cookfinder, we discuss with you financial and operational issues and streamline the capital investment to gain higher returns. Another crucial aspect Cookfinder guides you with is the disclosure document that outlines the specifics of agreement between franchisor and franchisee. This document basically includes fees for franchising, royalties and marketing.

4. Choosing right partnerships

Working with right partner always scales up the business. Hence, it is a very keen screening process. Best fast food franchises and their parent companies sometimes provide guidelines or criteria for equipment needed to run a franchise. Percentage of ownership, allocations of profits and losses, what is required while signing a contract, legal authorities are the fundamental principles Cookfinder helps you with. So, you know what you are getting into.

Apart from the four initial steps, Cookfinder presents four types of fast food franchise models that take the best fast food franchises to newer heights.

1. Master franchise

Currently, master franchise model is dominating the Indian fast food franchise market. Herein, investment is restricted to supplier development, professional fast food franchise training, location analysis and consulting expenses. The parent fast food company charges royalty fee from the franchisee. In turn, franchisee can open an outlet or sign an agreement with sub-franchises that in turn open more outlets.

2. Company owned franchise

In this standard model type, franchisor establishes their office in your city and helps the franchisee in setting up business, which includes office set up, development of suppliers and products and initial management of the franchise. This system is beneficial in creating the brand image in the city.

3. Company’s 100% ownership

In this model, parent fast food company invests in setting up the business and fast food franchise model. However, this model requires higher capital investments and is thus associated with high financial risk factors. The company is often responsible for creating the brand image, marketing, product processing, quality assurance and control etc. This ensures that the company has complete control over the business.

4. Joint venture model

This is where the parent company enters into a joint venture with a local entity to establish a master franchise that takes care of all the operations and management. The local partner generally has great knowledge of the city and its consumer preferences. With substantial assistance and support from the master franchise, the parent company scales up faster financially and brand-wise. However, controlling quality across all the outlets is a significant problem for every the best fast food franchises. Yet, Cookfinder helps you overcome this; all the franchises must adhere to specific brand rules and regulations so that the customer satisfaction is always the priority. Any fast food franchise you consider of starting, it is always advisable to go for a visit. Buying some food, sitting in the dining area, observing and having conversations with owners regarding the business, food and customer management, staff and labor, linearizing profit margins are few things one can always do on personal level. This boosts experience and confidence of understanding a business and panning out the future prospective. With guidance from Cookfinder, top fast food franchise are the most successful ways for you to expand business faster. Many brands that started with one small outlet have grown to numerous outside all over India via franchising. This business, when done the right way, has an extreme potential of generating quick and profitable returns on investments.

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