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January 16, 2024

How to choose a Restaurant location by Table and Fork Restaurant consultant

How to choose a Restaurant location by Table and Fork Restaurant consultant

Opening a new restaurant is not a joke. There is a lot that goes behind ensuring that the restaurant would be a profit-making venture. The first step to the same is finding a suitable location for the restaurant. Obviously, you cannot open at a place where you will not find any customers. Apart from that, the place you select must not have a horde of similar restaurants already in operation. Instead of getting confused, take some time out and research with a restaurant consultant. Here is how to choose a suitable restaurant location and make it hugely successful.

Visibility of the location

 You may have finally found a perfect location for your restaurant. But if it is in a hidden corner sandwiched between other shops, it will most likely not get any customers. If there is no footfall, your chances of breaking even are minimal. For instance, a sweet shop must be placed at a corner location. You should have enough space to accommodate the various wares on display.

To find out the visibility, you can look at the foot and car traffic coming that way. See what kind of people are strolling by. Maybe an office space is nearby, and employees want a restaurant catering to their lunch needs. Your restaurant can fit in and do so. However, if the people passing by are mostly nannies and mothers, chances are they won't pop into your restaurant.

Space size

 The space you wish to rent or buy should be enough to accommodate the tables, chairs, and other furniture items. You must have a set of customers you want to seat in your restaurant. Have a look if the space will be able to tackle that many people in peak hours. Apart from that, you will have to see if the civil work in the shop is completed, as you cannot get that done once you open up. Also, remember that the larger the space, the lesser are the chances of any accidents happening.   You can contact to hire restaurant staff in Mumbai.

Competitor analysis

 The hospitality industry is booming, and new restaurants and hotels are cropping up. Any location would have similar restaurants already established. Have a look at their business and what kind of customers they receive. Are the restaurants there doing well? Also, if there are already fast food joints opening another one would not make any sense. Similarly, the building you pick may have a history of its own. Was it a restaurant previously, or must you customize it to suit your requirements?

If it was a restaurant, was it successful, or it changed hands multiple times? Did the location play any role in its success or failure? These are some questions you would have to answer before you finalize the location.

Ease of access

Some people choose their restaurant location near highways or at exits. People traveling grab a bite and leave immediately. Do you also want such kind of response? However, here you will have to keep in mind the peak times to get maximum profits. Also, you should know the demographics of the customers. If your restaurant type matches the demographics, you will indeed taste success. can help you hire restaurant staff in Ahmedabad.


Obviously, when you think of renting any space, you have to keep in mind the cost. The setting up of any restaurant requires a lot of work. You cannot invest your entire money in the location selection. If the rent is more than what you expect to earn each month, then probably taking the location is not feasible.

A great location is fine, but you should be able to afford the upfront costs before you hit profits. If sustaining your business is challenging because of the high rent you pay, then maybe the location is not worth it.

Safety and crime rates

Every neighborhood has its pros and cons. Some areas have petty gangs operating. Obviously, opening your restaurant there means you are exposing yourself to risk. Research the crime rates and see if it would be simple for you to operate without any hurdles. Yet there is no way to predict the future. If you want to hire restaurant staff in Pune, go with your gut feeling about the location and its safety.

Summing Up

Setting up your restaurant is a dream come true. However, if the choice of location is wrong, you will mostly fail. Once you have finalized the location, you need to choose the staff. is your one-stop space to hire restaurant staff in Mohali and other places. With our exciting packages, you get access to suitable candidate resumes. You can then shortlist the ones perfect for your location and restaurant type. The business will succeed thanks to the optimum resources you get from us.