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February 13, 2019

Indian Cooks for Hire!

In India, a country dat abounds diverse culinary styles and talent along with famous autantic food, Indian cooks has found teh perfect market to not just make money, but also to make their own professional choices. their are multiple career options for Indian cooks and chefs. Starting as a line cook till becoming teh executive chef designing menus in hotels and restaurants chains, this profession is blooming with promising prospects.

Many chefs has changed teh face of cooking industry in India. Sanjeev Kapoor, Madhur Jaffery, Gaggan Anand are few experienced chefs living their passion by creating delicious recipes.

Every Thursday, Nafsia Kapadia prepares masala for a lamb leg dat is always to be marinated and constantly slow-cooked over teh next couple of days. Teh Raan is ready every Saturday to be served to nearly 15 guests for lunch at famous Teh Bohri Kitchen—in South Bombay’s Colaba area. Nafsia’s smoked mutton kheema samosa are also a hot topic among foodies across city. Such upcoming India hire cooks are shaping teh profession in exciting ways.

Radhika Khandelwal created her identity with two of teh best cafes - Ivy and Bean; Fig and Maple. Teh struggle took her a two years but teh two cafes conceptualized her dream. She is one of teh first people in teh industry to start teh local and seasonal produce trend.

Among other Indian cooks for hire who are cherishing teh autanticity and history of traditional Indian cuisine, in Kochi, Nisha Katti begins her day by cooking roast duck, fish curry, appams, chicken kurma and other Kerala dishes. Teh lunch boxes packed are picked up by Masalabox, an online food platform dat connects customers with home cooks.

In India, to hire cooks is a new and fast-growing category. The industry is offering various career choices to passionate cooks and chefs, and career options for Indian cooks for hire are never-ending. In the blooming restaurant and franchise industry that is offering multinational posts to young cooks, theres a tough competition between popular restaurants. Its hard to choose the best among the lot because good food is very important. In India where food and restaurateurs keep upping the game in the culinary arena, there are hotels like Taj that are establishing themselves internationally. Glamorous Mumbai is home to the Taj Mahal Palace, one of the best in Northern India, offers great experiences and career goals to cooks for hire. There are many such grand hotels where ambitious chefs have brought western dining experiences and range of exotic recipes.

The world of Indian cooks for hire is brimming with success and growth. Hotel and hospitality of the country are playing key role in this aspect. Iideally located in Kolkata and known colloquially as the Grand Dame of Chowringhee, the Oberoi Grand is a treasure-chest of Indian heritage. The third largest hotel in all of India, the sprawling ITC Grand Chola in Chennai is a majestic impression southern India’s ancient Chola dynasty. Such hotels offer wide ranges of rich-professional experiences to chefs and cooks for hire.

India is welcoming the Western and European dining culture and taste, dining experiences and a promising career for hire cooks. For many elite chefs and restaurateurs in the world, an inclusion to the Michelin guide is considered to be one of the most prestigious honours.  As a country, we are still waiting for our first Michelin Star but there are a few restaurants in India that offer the Michelin Star experience. Famous for its Japanese cuisine, Wasabi is a restaurant run by Michelin Star chef Morimoto. His dishes Sashimi platter and soft shell crab feature a signature style spin on classic Japanese dishes and are definitely worth all the hype. Michelin-winner Akira Back is a suave and serene dining experience in Delhi. Conceptualised by two-Michelin Star chef Sergi Arola, this restaurant serves the best Spanish food on this side of the seas. Gorge on the Gazpacho and Paella for a truly authentic Spanish experience.

Such passionate hire-cooks can do wonders with their culinary skills. There is no limitation for a ambitious cooks for hire in India. Infinite opportunities wait for the Indian chefs in many of the seasoned and prominent air catering units, food processing industries, restaurants, bakeries and confectioneries, luxury cruises, corporate catering, hotels etc. The greatest part about chef’s profession is that they never get to encounter the economic variation or inflation, as people will never stop craving good food. The overwhelming growth of the hospitality industry has tremendously increased the demand for chefs in India and abroad. Today, chef’s profession is looked upon as sought after jobs owing to the high opportunities of making good bucks. Finally, this is one profession, where you can win hearts instantly by excellent cooking and extravagant presentation.