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Cookfinder — through food franchise analysis — knows the tremendous future of cafe franchise industry. Cafe and coffee shops are widely gaining the reputation of more than places to just sip coffee. Numerous meetings and gatherings happen over a cup of coffee these days, and India is now becoming one of the largest and fastest growing coffee markets in the world. Along with a perfect coffee blend, coffee shop franchises have started brewing success and financial growth. Cafe franchise opportunities in India are stirring higher than ever before. With Cookfinder, you will know that in this market of food franchise and quick service restaurants, well-established brands are producing and proffering ranges of suitable business opportunities for you. To get into the world of cafe franchise, you need to know where to begin from. The answer is, Cookfinder. Cookfinder has outlined few

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crucial steps to begin the coffee shop franchise business. But before opening a cafe franchise, you need to know the business from your customers’ perspective. Coffee shops are the best way of socializing in today’s routine world. People gather to meet close ones or to have their personal time with books and coffee. These are the places where informal and formal meetings and gatherings take place.

How to start a cafe business / cafe franchise with Cookfinder

1. Creating a solid cafe franchise business plan

Once you shortlist with Cookfinder which franchise to start, we help you create your ideal business plan. Cookfinder guides you with what your cafe franchise is about, how it will be beneficial and profitable, understanding your customer requirements, learning about the competitors, financial growth plans and troubleshooting strategies. Cookfinder takes you browsing through in-house sample coffee shop franchise business model plans, and you can choose what you see fit.

2. Finding the right location

Finding the right location is the key to a successful cafe franchise. Cookfinder helps you with ideal locations that suit the theme of your coffee shop; a centrally located place or a prime location where people come from most parts of the city and a space that is easy to spot and visually creatively catchy.

3. Designing and creating a floor plan

Cookfinder's survey and statistics have proven that majority of people are majorly drawn to cafes by ambience. Cozy, comfortable and relaxing ambience is majorly accountable factor. Cookfinder guides you in creating the ideal ambience—clean, bright with plenty of natural light and comfortable seating arrangements. Cookfinder charts out the floor plans including customer accommodation of various groups and sizes.

4. Staff recruitment, management and networking

To begin with, Cookfinder helps you with hiring of the best accountant for your coffee shop franchise because Cookfinder believes that once you have turned your books over to an accountant, you can invest your valuable time in taking care of other important things. Cookfinder provides you with the highly skilled staff who know what to brew, how to brew and all the required culinary skills. Cookfinder extensively supports you with networking that is another important aspect to maintain connections with the business partners and appropriate contacts and attract more customers.

5. Marketing

This is very crucial. If you start marketing from the first day of opening, you are lagging behind. People should be more excited than you about the opening of the coffee shop franchise. For this, Cookfinder provides various marketing options plans, some of which include: dropping a free coffee to local businesses promoting the cafe franchise, social media marketing plus online and offline promotions, distributing free coffee samples and arranging campaigns.

6. Helping you consistently serve high quality products

Coffee lovers always want more than just a cup of coffee. Source the finest fresh-roasted beans is of utmost importance. At the same time, multiple sales are a must. Having a variety of quality snacks at the counter goes a long way tempting the customer for an additional purchase. Cookfinder helps

you list out popular items that can go well with your franchise brand, such as muffins, cakes, cookies, croissants, bagels, scones and cold drinks.

Additionally, Cookfinder proffers remarkable cafe franchise support and consultation services. There are many advantages of working with Cookfinder for starting your coffee franchise. To name a few:

1. Low investment

Cookfinder's affordable, unique and flexible cafe franchise and coffee shop franchise models require lower initial investments with constant source of income.

2. Lower associated risks and higher ROI

The coffee franchise strategies and business plans offered by Cookfinder involve lower rates of risk factors and higher ROI due to well-known brand recognition and tremendous customer satisfaction.

3. Trustworthy brands

Cookfinder presents highly accredited and trustworthy brand choices for your coffee shop franchise and cafe franchise.

4. Franchise support

Cookfinder provides end-to-end coffee franchise support, staff recruitment, training, management and consultation services for setting up stores and planning you grow your business of cafe.

Taking care of coffee shop equipment and machinery basics and management of your inventory are important to plan your overall and monthly budget. Every coffee franchise does have a list of standard items and requirements. These usually include coffee maker, espresso machine, coffee grinder, glassware and storage. Cookfinder helps you outline the right budget and proffers ideal ways of inventory management. Along with this, Cookfinder understands the importance of business management tools. We help you with point-of-sale (POS) system so that you can keep a track of what’s selling and how much is coming in. Cookfinder also provides appropriate training materials so that you can assist your own pilot franchise by giving support and training. Great and sincere efforts made in cafe franchise business always highly payoff.

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