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By Rajiv | December 07, 2018

How to find Cooks for your Restaurant?

Find a cook OR hire a chef for your restaurant can be like Hunting for a needle in a stack pf grass. Moreover the bigger challenge is How does one Retain and ensure maximum output through hired skilled labor? 

This is where and Step in.

First and foremost any upcoming or established outlet needs to study its menu in detail. The total cuisines in the menu would decide the number of cooks and helpers needed. As industry standard behind every cuisine there needs to be a team of 1 good cook and 1 good helper.  This is also determined on seating capacity of restaurant.

Cookfinder does not recommend keeping multiple cuisines or having list of chefs rather focus should be on 1- 2 cuisine or maximum of 3. Indian, Chinese, Tandoor, Continental, Oriental and Japanese are much in demand in India. We often come across Multi cuisine Cooks & Chefs who expertise in handling multiple cuisines at same time eg Indian Chinese cooks or tandoor barbecue cooks or simply fast food cook. Multi cuisine cooks play the safest bet for you as one saves time and money. Even top chefs in India including Sanjeev Kapoor, godfather of Indian Veg Cooking would recommend focusing on simple Cuisine such as Indian Cuisine. 

In India skilled labor is ill treated and mis managed by many restaurant owners. Many owners consider job of cooks and chefs de meaningful. They fail to understand it is this skilled labor which would earn them good revenue. Fancy chairs n tables or expensive decor interiors doesnt add up as much to revenue as a good food with clean presentation does. aims to provide a social marketplace for all Cooks for hire and Chefs for hire and to restaurant owners. We wish to bridge gap between two eco systems through personal interest and technology. 

1. Treating your manpower with respect and dignity. 
2. Bonus in case of exceptional performance. 
3. Weekly offs and overtime compensation. 
4. Providing a neat and clean accommodation. 
5. Payment of Salaries on time and offering a little more than market rate. 

Tips on retaining manpower and hiring best cook after conducting trials by