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June 17, 2019

A Guide To An Awesome Indian Food Fiestas!

India and food are inseparable. When we say unity in diversity, food is one of the diverse aspects that binds Indians together. Different states have their culture-rich specialities of food. It was during ancient times in India that Dawaat used to be served at Kings palaces; all the royal families would come together to feast on the classic, exquisite recipes served in tons on the grand table. Locals would gather at the kingly corridors to enjoy the imperial delicacies. It is since people want a professional cook or a reliable cook service.
As a matter of fact, even in today’s date, Indians are fond of daawat, be it in any city across this wide country. It’s just that with the changing times and modernized world, we probably do not refer the grand feast celebration as daawat any longer, but this food fiesta is nowadays known as food festivals or food events. Given the wider history and diversity of Indian culture, there are numerous food festivals of various kinds celebrated across our country.
In the past few years, food festivals in India have actually come a long way. Many cities have become food central for foodies, with an exciting line up of food festivals that will leave you spoilt for the experience. In Southern parts of India, people come across from all parts of the world to explore various recipes, authentic flavours and exotic dishes served at various food events. Among these popular destinations, still managing to occupy the top of the list is Pondicherry. A French colonial settlement cosied up at the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu is a colourful town well, colourful not only in terms of architecture and tourism but also food. Seafood and traditionally exotic French and Portuguese recipes are the specialities of this land.
With its inevitable French charm and reliable cook services, Pondicherry celebrates French food festival in the month of August every year. This festival is known as Gourmet and is celebrated with large varieties of French delicacies that want a professional cook to give away the rich experience of royal French cuisine. Another famous food fiesta called The Great Pondy Food Festival is organized by the department of tourism, the government of Pondicherry. As a part of World Tourism Day celebration, this food fest is usually organized during September and October every year. The theme of this event is global cuisine. Here, one can be assured to eat a variety of new food cuisines from various parts of the world without burning a hole in his/her wallet. The uniqueness of this event is the music brought alive by famous musicians and outdoor activities.
Coming to the inner parts of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is another destination for food lovers. The Chennai Food Guide and Food Consulate of Chennai host the annual Street Food Festival. The venue generally encloses reliable cook services and their 15–20 food stalls arranged in the considerable small area were 100s of people flock to feast on the delicacies. Nevertheless, people enjoy food here in spite of the crowd. At the Street Food Festival, you can avail everything from beverages, including coffee, tea, and juices; a variety of wraps and sandwiches; appam biryani snacks, such as samosa, cutlet, and momos and sweets, such as jalebis, and pastries; etc. This is literally a Mecca for food lover both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
Apart from being specific to only a few cities in South India, there is a festival called Food of the Gods fest that is celebrated across all the South Indians temples. During this festival, they serve Prasadham to the devotees. This food fest is one-of-a-kind because of their concept; you will have a pick at yummy delicacies inspired by ‘prasadhams’ (Prasad) offered at iconic temples in South India. The menu for this grand feast is curated by Mr Rakesh Raghunathan of Puliyogare Travels. The recipes include Thiruvallikeni Puliyodhorai from Parthasarathy temple, Chennai; the Tamarind rice is as old as the Sangam literature something that is centuries old, Thirumaalai Champa from Soumya Narayana Perumal, and Thirukoshtiyur; a rice-based cuisine made with eggplant and bitter gourd in tamarind concentrate, mixed with roasted pepper and fenugreek powder. Additionally, one can indulge in the iconic Thirumaal Vadai from Balaji Temple, Tirupathi, which is a close cousin to the vadai made in Hanuman temples to make the vada malai (garland).
In Karnataka, Bangalore celebrates the citys biggest food festival called Bangalore Food Fete. This event brings together the citys top cafes, restaurants, bars, and food trucks. Along with providing a platform for home chefs, amateur bakers, and aspiring restaurateurs, this also great exposure for stand-up comedians, dancers, and musicians.
On another side of the country, in Punjab, there is an altogether different culture of food lovers and festivals who want a professional cook. Punjabi cuisine is one of the most distinct and popular Indian cuisines that is an amalgamation of the traditional food culture of borderline India and Pakistan. Punjabis are hardcore food and fun lovers, and so are their festivals. The demand for a reliable cook service is equally important in Punjab and Chandigarh. Amritsar has always been popular among foodies for its rich food and is indeed a culinary treat. Punjabi Food Festival is a 2–3-day event that is annually held in Amritsar. This festival features food from Pakistan and Iran, whereas food delicacies of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh served by their reliable cook services are also hard not to binge on. Local restaurants and hotels, famous chefs, chef recruitment agencies who want a professional cook, hotel management institutes, local dhabas, and many other well-known food recipes of North India are a huge part of this fest. Baisakhi is celebrated by indulging in authentic North Indian Punjabi recipes. During this, the demand for a reliable cook service is very much. Food served includes typical Punjabi authentic recipes chole bhature, make ki roti, sarso ka saag, tandoori chicken, murgh makhani, lassi, chaas, halwa, etc.
So explore the rich food cultures of India, and eat your heart out.