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April 27, 2019

What are the best fast food franchise opportunities in India?

A fast food franchise business will always succeed in Mumbai city, and for that matter, anywhere in India because we Indians love to eat and try out every new dish listed on a menu. For a successful yet cheapest fast food franchise in India, a rule is to make sure that your fast food franchise has a great demand, provides best quality food with appreciable quantity, and proffers a great time and experience to customers to keep them coming back. If you are panning out your prospects in terms of fast food restaurant franchise opportunities in Mumbai city, there will be numerous options available on your platters to choose from, such as McDonald’s, KFC, Domino’s, PizzaHut, Taco Bell, and Burger King. There are many such cheapest fast food franchise in India, but the one factor that makes your fast food franchise stand out among competitors is the perfect location. A prime location will always confer more visibility to a fast food franchise to people. The right location for any of the fast food restaurant franchise opportunities in India is usually high-traffic area such as malls, office premises, and college and school premises, vicinity of railways stations.

This is because most of the times students and office employees are in search of pocket-friendly fast food franchise options to eat at or order from when they are hungry. Office employees are more keen on quality and quantity and do not mind loosening their purse strings when the right meal is served, whereas students look for the cheapest fast food franchise in India. For a profitable fast food restaurant franchise opportunities in Mumbai, such factors need to be considered.

What are the best venues for an all-time-busy fast food restaurant franchise in Mumbai?

1. Marine Drives: There are plenty of fast food franchise and restaurant options available near marine drives, but given the locality of South Bombay, the options are little over the budget for people to eat there on a regular basis. Moreover, marine drives are one of the biggest attractions in the city, and people from all over the world come to enjoy the panorama of the city and its widespread sea. Hence, this can be considered as one of the prime locations for the cheapest fast food franchise in India.

2. Fort: CST and Churchgate have lots of offices, colleges, and courts. Workers and students gather in huge number near fast food joints during lunch breaks or after work hours.

3. Suburbs: Bandra, Borivali, and Kandivali have recently become hubs for foodies. Many new fast food franchise outlets including Coffee by Di Bella, The Chocolate Heaven, and Café Ville Villa have come up in Borivali, in Mahavir Nagar in Kandivali, and Bandra–Kurla complex.

4. Markets and shopping complexes: Mumbaikars love shopping, especially when city options innumerable options to shop at, such as Colaba Causeway, Crawford market, Bhuleshwar, Hill Road, Linking Road, Irla, Dadar market. Food and shopping is always a preferred combination since shopping drains people away.

5. Colleges: There are many trusts in Mumbai which run 2–3 colleges adjacently. Mithibai College in Vile Parle, R. D. National College in Bandra, and K. C. College in Churchgate are few such examples. A fast food franchise in such localities will hit big sales on a daily basis. But these are not the only places. There are uncountable places which will serve as a prime spot for fast food restaurant franchise opportunities in Mumbai city.

What to consider while considering fast food restaurant franchise opportunities in Mumbai and cheapest fast food franchise in India?

Research, Market and business plan: For any fast food franchise, thorough market research is a must. After knowing your target customers, it is necessary to understand what they like and how they like it to be served. Thus, analyzing competitors, especially in Mumbai where competition is always at its peak, is a key to happy customers. To begin with, analyzing the market and study customers’ taste and demands. Study the market, its demands, where will the supply come from. Make a proper business plan that will always fetch you, investors and customers.

Is it easy securing finance or funding for a fast food restaurant franchise opportunities in Mumbai? Most of the times, the brand, whose franchise you wish to run, helps you set the franchise. However, you typically require a well-established business model and adequate collateral to be considered for loans in case funding is necessary. Additionally, as an owner of a fast-food franchise, if you think financing would be required at some point, start planning even before getting into the franchise business.

Whom to hire? In the big city where talent is no less, hiring still becomes a bit of a challenge for many fast food restaurant franchise opportunities in Mumbai. Many restaurants and hotels in Mumbai need a cook and chefs who know what they are cooking. Some places may need a North Indian cooks, whereas some may need a South Indian cook. Many franchises nowadays need bakery chefs. The staff thus needs proper training for enhancing their culinary skills. Hospitality is an additional factor in running even the cheapest fast food franchise in India. Thus hire smart employees who can take of emergency situations and ultimately keep your big-city customers happy and satisfied.