Juice Bar Franchise

Juice bar franchise industry in India promises a plethora of opportunities. It’s a right market for those who want to invest less and earn high returns. One of the key reasons juice lounge franchise is growing enormously is that the industry proffers options to franchisees to start an outlet of a well-established brand. Getting into juice bar franchise has its additional benefits. The juice business gives you great potential for profits, as people nowadays are growing more health conscious. Offering your customers natural, healthy, fresh and whole-food beverage has a huge appeal. Incorporating a juice in their diet or simply grabbing some freshly squeezed chilled juice to beat the heat has its own advantages.

Juice bar Franchise

However, how to start a juice business seems very easy and straight forward to people. You take the fruit, make the juice and sell it. Easy money, right? But we, at Cookfinder, know that it’s not just as easy as it sounds. Cookfinder understands that there are numerous factors one needs to consider while actually working out on how to start a juice business or juice bar franchise. After analyzing and reviewing thousands of well-established and upcoming juice bar and juice lounge companies and brands, Cookfinder has compiled a short list of tips for your juice lounge perusal.

How to start a juice business / juice bar franchise with Cookfinder

1. Decide your forte

Before we take you through any more details, Cookfinder helps you in determining your juice forte, i.e., what do you want to excel into. Not many will know this, but Cookfinder knows that juice bar and juice lounges are basically of two types. First, small café (permanent) type and the street food (mobile) type. A juice bar is a small place and the concept entails a huge range of fruit juices, drinks, fruit milk-shakes and a few food items. On the other hand, a mobile truck is just the perfect idea for summers. These trucks are mainly equipped with electricity for working your kitchen electronics. Take your pick with Cookfinder and we will drive you the right way.

2. Working out a juice bar franchise and business model

Cookfinder helps you make a business model that includes your forte, future operating expenses, profit projections, marketing and public relation strategies, analysis of competitors, details about potential vendors and location, location and all about the right location.

Our standard juice bar franchise and business model plan includes

Competition research

Future development and growth prospects

Investment, budgeting and monthly expenditure prediction

Profitability statistics

3. Creating the fantastic juice recipes

When it’s about starting up a juice bar franchise, there are multiple benefits that come incorporated with the brand. From these brands, Cookfinder helps you obtain a complete package including site selection. Brands provide you an assistance with financial projections. Cookfinder provides you with a training programme covering all your aspects regarding how to start a juice business and how to operate and manage a juice lounge. We also give you a complete operations manual for easy reference. Cookfinder also helps you with the logo, imagery, trademarks and strong profit margins. However, when it comes to running an independent business, the main thing you need is to creating menu and designing delicious recipes. Our expert chefs and team members assist you with everything, right from grocery to making your customers happy.

4. Local health laws

In India, different states have laws regarding sale of a raw juice. If the juice is being sold as a wholesale, it has to be pasteurized first. However, for retail dealings, one kitchen is enough for entire juicing process. Cookfinder’s team of experts helps you with the understanding of these laws and regulations, so before getting into the juice lounge industry, you will know in-depth how to start a juice business and what you are getting into.

5. The business model

There is not just one way to sell fruit juices, instead multiple. With help from cookfinder, you can deliver the fresh juices to your target customers. A brick and mortar business model is another unique possible combination of this and wholesale to a successful and sustaining juice business. Each business model has its advantages. Cookfinder helps you understand the need of customers through analysis and what you can afford to run based on budget, staff and personal experience.

6. Equipment, staff and supplier

These three factors can either make your juice lounge or simply break it. But, Cookfinder makes sure they simple make the more out it. Cookfinder helps you in investing in the right equipment without compromising on its sustainability, recruitment and management of the staff who are highly-trained and know what they are juicing. Cookfinder arranges for staffs’ timely training to upgrade their juicing techniques to latest market trends. Your franchise will need the best fruit suppliers who sell quality products (fresh and natural) because quality and consistency are topmost priorities, and that’s what keeps the customers coming in for more. Cookfinder presents to you standard vendors’ list. All vendors are eligible on our criteria of strength, quality, consistency and logistics. Cookfinder advises not to procure fruits and products on long term credits. We make suitable agreement for getting raw materials.

And last, but not the least

7. Market your business

Cookfinder helps you market your juice bar franchise. Through our online and offline portals and local media outlets, we help you to market and make your business visible to and popular among people. Cookfinder also helps you with the designing and developing a commercial website and opening social medial networking accounts to get your way juicing to the profits.

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