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July 01, 2019

Looking to hire cuisine specialist cooks for your restaurant?

Indians constitute the largest part of the population in the United Arab Emirates. With over 2 million Indian immigrants living in the UAE is a result of the trade and commerce between the two countries since ages ago. Thus, be it any occupation, Indians have dwelled well in each and every part of UAE, including important cities such as Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.
In terms of food, authentic Indian delicacies are cherished and praised all over the globe, be it New York, where Indian restaurants are increasing tremendously, or UAE, where Indian chefs and cooks are in great demand with bright future prospects. Dubai is one destination for upcoming Indian chefs. The hiring of an Indian chef in Dubai is a simple process if you know the right steps. Guidance from experts is thus a very important aspect to begin the journey of a chef. Any Indian cooks recruitment agency in UAE is a must-visit place.
Once in the city, Indian cooks can start off their career as a line chef; the graph progressively goes up to being a head chef, assistant chef, pastry chef, sous chef, executive chef, kitchen manager, etc. To recruit the talent and place it in a proper commercial kitchen is what a standard Indian cooks recruitment agency in UAE takes care of. For Indian cooks required for restaurants in Dubai, apart from working in a commercial kitchen, they are also required at a personal level in Dubai—private chefs for family gatherings or events, personal cooks for families. The huge population of Indians in the UAE is one of the key factors for numerous career options for Indian chefs in the UAE, especially Dubai. Given the number of luxury hotels and 5-star food quality in Dubai, there are Indian cooks required for restaurants in Dubai, such as Waldorf Astoria Dubai, Grosvenor House, Al Bandar Rotana, Renaissance Downtown, etc.
Nevertheless, Dubai is not the only city that is a commercial hotspot for Indian cooks and chefs. Other metropolitan cities such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and Al Ain also call for large numbers of Indian cooks and chefs. Sharjah, the national capital of the UAE, is a place where authentic Indian food is simply loved. However, the establishment of lavish hotels, including Hilton Sharjah, Radisson Blu Resort, Coral Beach Resort, and Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort and Spa, have greatly raised the demand for Indian cooks and chefs. There are many Indian cooks required for restaurants in Sharjah. The career opportunities for Indian cooks required for restaurants in Sharjah and also as private chefs are promising. These chef recruitment agencies in Sharjah choose the right candidate for a perfect job post.
Abu Dhabi is another city in the UAE where Indians have populated majority of the parts. Popular as one of the tourist destinations—Dubai being at the top of the list—there are multiple luxurious hotels and restaurants. Ultimately, this has given rise to an increasing number of Indian cooks required for restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Many chef recruitment agencies have been established in various parts of the city. One can approach the agencies to understand their career prospects, which are surely tremendous. Few of the famous extravagant hotels in Abu Dhabi are Emirates Palace, Southern Sun Abu Dhabi, Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana, Yas Hotel, and Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche. Even today, the number of Indian chefs working in commercial kitchens of these hotels is higher than that of chefs coming from all over the world.
However, be it Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi, one must have proper guidance to be a successful chef in any foreign country. Thus, it is deemed necessary to approach any Indian cooks recruitment agency in the UAE.
How do an Indian-cooks recruitment agency in UAE works?
To be a successful chef in any city of UAE, experience, and expertise is a must. Moreover, having good communication skills always gives an upper edge in understanding clientele and maintaining customer relations. However, with proper education, practice, and guidance, chefs can avail themselves a secure and growing career. First, any Indian cooks recruitment agency in UAE determines job profiles, understands the requirements of their clients. With their profound market knowledge and huge database, the right candidates are shortlisted. Once the right profile is found, interviews are scheduled between client and chefs. A professional background check is usually mandatory for newbies in the country. These agencies not only select the potential chefs, but they also manage their time training. This helps chefs and cooks to be updated with the latest and upcoming kitchen and cooking trends.

What makes Cookfinder unique in lands of UAE?

1. Client Request: When we receive a request from any client in UAE, we focus initially on finding the perfect candidate profile. This means defining their precise expectations, their personal lifestyle and the exact position on offer.
2. Candidate Search: Our database consists of skilled and qualified chefs and cooks, who are well-trained and know their way around a commercial kitchen. Applicants are interviewed by our expert HR consultants. 3. Mandatory professional-background check: Candidate profiles are verified by keenly checking their qualifications and post-job experiences, work permit, driving license, passport, etc.
4. The first round of interview: Our team conducts a pre-selection interview with candidates. This involves a personality test, detailed evaluation of their expertise and knowledge, and role-play exercises to understand their determination for the position.
5. The second round of interview: Our team of managers and experts further calls for the second round of interview to select only the very best candidate to present to the client. During this step, shortlisted candidates correspond perfectly to the client’s requirements.
6. Interview with the client: Once selected in the second round of interview, there comes a face-to-face interview with the client itself. Alternatively, there may be a Skype or telephonic interview before the final round of face-to-face interview round.