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May 14, 2019

Why do you need cook recruitment agencies for a restaurant in India?

The recent development in hotel, restaurant, and franchise industries in India has put our country on the global culinary map. Now, cooking is considered as an art, and the chef in Indian kitchens, be it commercial or homely, is called the king of all tastes. Prior to this changed era of cooks and chefs, being a chef was not held of high esteem. Nevertheless, today, chefs and cooks in our country have not evolved as glamorous personalities but are also considered to pull in a lot of money.

Once into the industry, it is of great demand to hire a chef for a restaurant in India and in hotels, restaurants, cafes, air catering, cruise liners, and corporate catering etc. Chefs who get along with this career can also become food writers or food journalists. When it comes to income, it is largely dependent on experience, skills, expertise, specialization, and most importantly, passion. But to the newbies in the industry, “where to begin from?” is the first question.

After pursuing appropriate and required education, such as hotel management courses, the first step to take is to approach cook agencies. To hire a chef for a restaurant in India and to offer a talented chef a right kitchen he deserves and will be appreciated in, such cook agencies are shaping up the new era.
These cook consultants have been offering the chefs and cooks recruitment facility for upcoming cooks; these place number of cooks in national and global restaurants and well-known hotels. There are usually several benefits of approaching these cook agencies.
Few of those are as follows:
1. Professional and private can be hired based on the requirements of hoteliers and clients.
2. The agencies help to hire a chef for a restaurant in India and across the globe; cooks can select and shortlist where they want to apply, based on the chef’s education and experience.
3. Cook agencies offer a huge national and international database of job seekers.
4. Hotels and restaurants can approach well-experienced chefs and cooks.
5. Fast processing of client’s requirements is usually a unique feature.
6. These cook placement consultants proffer proper skill assessment.
7. Time-to-time training and management of the kitchen staff provided.
8. There are many agencies which do not ask for any processing fees from registered chefs and cooks, ultimately cost-effective.

Cook recruiters have put India on world culinary map. Indian cooks have been in great demand to fill up the role of a professional or private cook in many Asian and Arab countries. Recently, there has been a great increase in demand for chefs from European countries such as England, Germany, and New Zealand. The worldwide expansion and migration of Indian cooks and chefs have enhanced and progressed career of chefs in India to all regions of the world.

Why approach cook agencies and cook placement consultants?

The services of cook recruitment agencies can save businesses and chefs their time and money as well as ensure job seekers to find them their perfect commercial kitchen as soon as possible. Moreover, these cook recruitment agencies do more than simply matching candidates’ profiles to job posts. Most agencies focus on well-known hotels and selected restaurants in specific geography so as to develop expertise in the market and be popular among the hoteliers. Both hoteliers and job-hunting cooks can expect the agency to accurately generate salary advice.

There are multiple benefits to candidates of dealing with cook agencies and consultants, such as saving a lot of time and having a professional mentor to negotiate their salary package. For any hotel or restaurant, time is a key factor; such consultants only shortlist staff with the right expertise and experience. As agencies have strong associations with a wide number of cooks and chefs, they can simultaneously ensure respective chefs are a good cultural fit for the respective hotel.

To hire a chef for a restaurant in India, these recruitment agencies make it possible for hotels to fill up temporary positions. They can also take care of payroll concerns, including holiday pays etc. Thus, approaching these cook agencies works positively both ways: agencies assist hotels, restaurants, and franchisees to find best kitchen staff and also help cooks and chefs secure their ideal positions in a perfect kitchen in the shortest time frame possible, saving their time and minimizing their efforts of securing a right job. Agencies provide the most complete staff solution. Their market expertise, salary knowledge, staff management and access to the best cooks and chefs ensure the best possible outcome.

Cook agencies also ensure time to time training of chefs and cooks to sharpen their skills and to acquaint them with upcoming cooking trends and facts. Chefs working with these agencies usually have access to the most relevant information of a particular hotel or restaurant all under one roof. An advanced search and filtering system effortlessly allows chefs and cooks to target hotels and restaurants, which are the most suitable for them; this is not just in India but all over the world.

Why Cookfinder?

With a detailed knowledge of hotels and restaurant industry, we completely understand the demands and requirements of modern commercial kitchens. With our long-term bonds with chefs and cooks, we prefer the right job openings and suitable posts in well-known hotels in India for the most efficient professional and personal growth. At Cookfinder, we take pride in working closely with both restaurants and chefs and delivering a great experience throughout a recruitment process to ensure our clients have right chefs and—at the same time—right hotels to make sure success, growth, and professional and personal satisfaction.