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July 17, 2019

Cine-dining restaurant: A brand new concept for franchise!

Entertainment-filled movies and cinema field and trending Bollywood industry are taking a leap of faith, not single-handedly but with hotel and restaurant franchise sector. The industry that was advanced drastically with the introduction of 3D and 4D movie viewing is now associated with five-star seven-course dining rich dining experiences. Serving meals, snacks, drinks, and traditional popcorns during intervals is cliche and is thus being replaced with sitting at a dining table where staff serves you all the course of meals, including desserts, while you sit in front of a big screen watching latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. This is how the dine-in cinema franchise opportunity is shaping up in India.
The cine-restaurant franchise is becoming very popular worldwide. This business franchise opportunity lets people watch the latest movies on a large screen while enjoying a great meal. If one decides to start a cine dine restaurant franchise, detailed information is mandatory to understand how this sector works. Cookfinder, one-stop solution for all restaurant franchise and cook recruitment problems, proffers bona fide counseling. It is necessary to have a prime location, which is required for all types of the franchise industry, to attract customers and gain popularity.
Budgeting is one of the top concerns when starting and exploring dine-in cinema franchise opportunity. Depending on your budget, Cookfinder provides you a proper strategic plan to divide the budget into various aspects. Once budget and location are taken care of, our team of expert architects and interior designers visit the venue and sketch out a blurred print. Once the layout is approved by the client, we commence with the establishment, meanwhile, another team of experts sets up the kitchen with required equipment and machinery. Associating with the theatre industry and setting up a theatre with proper instruments are well managed.
Instead of opening a brand new dine-in cinema restaurant, buying an already established franchise is the best way to gain promising profits.
Apart from place-wise setup and requirements, legal documentation is also necessary. These legal documents play an essential role in protecting the interests of the cine dine restaurant franchise and franchisee owners over the course of the franchise. Few of the essential documents require social security number, tax and tax identification number, insurance, non-disclosure agreement between the parent company and franchise owner, location agreement or lease.
At the initial stage of starting this business, it is advisable to leave the booking of films to professional film bookers. This is because, at that early stage, you will have your hands full doing the other things. Running this business can be a very tedious task and can often be frustrating. You should also try to build a relationship with distributors in the business.
Associate with the professional bookers until you get the hang of it. Have it in mind that film rentals are usually a percentage of your box office take and can be anywhere near 10-90%; thus, do not expect to make a lot of profit from ticket price at the very beginning. ROIs will be generated after 5–6 months of establishments, i.e., after your invested cost is recovered. On the other hand, the food menu has to be attractive and unique. For a successful cine-restaurant franchise, find or create recipes that you will be known for and which cannot be found at local fast-food places.
To be better than competitors, one can always employ strategies for better customer satisfaction. These strategies include creating a membership database for regular customers, developing business website where people can read about in-detailed working and unique selling features of the cine dine restaurant franchise and general statistics of the dine-in cinema franchise opportunity, establishing E-newsletter, launching members’ forum, creating social media presence, and availing discounts and offers for customers.
Along with marketing and strategy planning, brand awareness is another level of consumer consciousness of a unique restaurant franchise. Brand awareness is better handled when spread through inbound and outbound marketing efforts. There are many ways to improve brand awareness of a cine-restaurant franchise, such as holding an event or a fun-competition for customers after the movie, sponsoring another related brand product or service which is associated with the cine dine restaurant franchise, social media handles, launching public relation campaigns, and investing in promotional merchandise.
In India, dine-in cinema franchise opportunities are considerably growing. One such well-established unique restaurant franchise with dine-in cinema is established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Chhotu Maharaj Cine Restaurant is a very unique concept, which offers a combination of seven Course dining with free theatrical entertainment. Chhotu Maharaj is one of the world’s first-ever dine-in theatre. This innovative idea evolved considering the current Indian scope of family entertainment. This new revolutionary service from Chhotu Maharaj cine restaurant proffers world-class seven-course dining with free latest cinema entertainment. One unique feature of Chotu Maharaj cine restaurant is here customers have to only pay for what food, whereas the latest cinema viewing is included in the cost of food. The tickets are not at all expensive. Charging nearly Rs. 400 to Rs. 500, tickets include the cost of food and movie together. Customers can book a table prior to the visit. In case of a special occasion or some event, entire Chhotu Maharaj cine restaurant can be booked. If one wishes to start Chotu Maharaj cine restaurant franchise, Cookfinder will guide them thoroughly with end-to-end support and service. For buying this franchise, the parent company builds the structure with given investment and provides all sorts of training for chefs and managing staff. Once the place is ready to run, this parent company provides a skilled experienced head chef who is fully responsible for running a kitchen.
To run a franchise of Chotu Maharaj cine restaurant required investment consists of Rs. 35 lacs to Rs. 40 lacs, with no brand fee. Ideal space requirement is 3500–5000 sq ft. Expected monthly sales are usually of Rs. 14.5 lacs. Profit margin is estimated to be 25%, whereas 25% of monthly sales need to be paid as royalty.