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July 11, 2019

Why choose us? | cookfinder

Restaurant and cafe franchise business is the most tremendously growing company worldwide. The industry is diverse with multinational food cultures and is thus very profitable. However, to firmly establish in the hotel and restaurant business market, you need end-to-end guidance, and that is exactly what we at Cookfinder provide you. There are various steps that need to be taken to start a restaurant franchise. Starting from budgeting to finalizing the franchise, finding the location, handling legal processes and acquiring government-certified documentation and licenses, developing concept and theme of the restaurant, interior planning, setting up a commercial kitchen, hiring cooking and management staff, and designing menus are few of the list of the never-ending list.
At Cookfinder, you get more than just the basics. One of the unique selling points of Cookfinder is finding the right franchise model on the basis of financial planning and budgeting. We decide and strategically divide the budget into sections such as rent of the place, interior planning, cost of setting up a kitchen and equipment to be acquired, menu designing, kitchen staff, and management team, salary of employees, total break-even profits, and return of investment. We calculate the required budget for the section. Depending on the evaluation, we suggest you the best suitable fast food franchise company.
Moreover, if you are planning to set up a fast food restaurant or café franchise business model, we directly connect you to owner and parent company of the franchise and act as the 24-h available communication medium between you and the owner. At Cookfinder, we aim to bridge the gap between you and the franchise owner and initiate immediate intervention in terms of any issues or inconveniences.
Another highlighting fact about Cookfinder is the guarantee and assurance we imbibe in the client. We ensure responsibly 100 percent revenue returns and profits; there are limited companies that provide such guarantees and share trust. For total investment, the time needed to recover the whole invested cost and to start generating profits is calculated to propose the right plan of future actions.
Moreover, Cookfinder goes beyond fast food franchise. One of our recent clients is Chotu Maharaj, a newly themed restaurant, which is a fine-dining theater. Located in cities such as Mumbai and Ahmedabad, this place serves the best experiences with 7-course meal—from soups to desserts—with latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Dining prices are included in the movie ticket, which usually ranges from Rs. 300-500. This customer-satisfactory and affordable approach require a capital investment of only Rs. 25 lac onward.
Another successful client of Cookfinder is Hello Café Ho Located in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Hello Cafe Ho! is a very successful and unique concept of the mobile store with café. Along with great food, the café displays its wide ranges of the latest mobiles and accessory collection. All brands of mobiles including OnePlus, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Google, Vivo, and Oppo and various types of accessories such as earphones, attractive back covers, tempered glasses, and earphones and headphones collection can be observed. One can shop trendy mobile accessories while sipping down chilling cold coffee or pasta, pizza, burgers, etc. Additionally, the café avails schemes to customers, e.g., buying pizza can get you free cool back cover for your phone or a biryani can surprise with a side of free earphones. Moreover, Ahmedabad’s famous play-zone café is also consulted by Cookfinder. Here, all varieties of rides, toys, and games are available for kids, while parents and families can sit at the adjoining table enjoying food and having some gala time. SweetSmith is India’s first dessert boutique and bakery which represents royal jeweled desserts and sweets. Located in Andheri, this is a dessert boutique concept where we produce 100 percent vegetarian therapeutic desserts. SweetSmith proffers classic elegant cake designs. In addition, the bakery fabulously customizes cakes as per client requirements. The place is majorly visited by popular Bollywood celebrities and film stars. Pastovilla – The Lifestyle Cafe is another profit-making and blooming franchise client of Cookfinder. One of the outstanding facts about the national and international food served at this café is that the menu was designed by India’s most prominent master chefs, and celebrity chef Ajay Chopra is the head chef running the kitchen at Pastovilla. In its outlets in various parts of Mumbai, such as Andheri, DN Nagar, Vile Parle, and Juhu, chefs serve very unique and delicious recipes. One of the famous recipes of this café is kamal kakdi ke kabab that is cooked from a stem of the lotus.
All the aforementioned cafes are personally consulted and established by Mr. Rajeev Singh, the owner of Cookfinder. To establish such distinctive profitable fast-food franchise businesses, Cookfinder takes detailed care of you as the client. First, our consultation authorities arrange a meeting with the client; prior to budgeting, we discuss the theme and concept of the restaurant. Second, our architects and interior designing professionals visit the location and design a 3D-model layout of the café. Layout designs can be revised in case of special client-requirements. Once the client approves the 3D layout, budget and costing are shared. While further legal aspects are taken care of, our kitchen experts set up an ideal commercial kitchen and procure cutlery, equipment, and kitchen appliances required. Next, come menu planning and standardization of the menu. Once an appropriate menu is designed and created by our experienced chefs, the menu is standardized. This helps in retaining consistency in recipe and taste of any dish, although chefs may be changed from time-to-time, across all outlets. Thus, standardization of the menu is one of the very unique selling points of Cookfinder.
Further, we asses menu costing, i.e., total food cost to the restaurant and how much a dish should be sold for. Costing is dependent on rent, the number of employees, their salaries, etc. Cookfinder then helps the client with automization of systems, which is on-computer inventory control that helps in tracking all the departments of a restaurant digitally. Additionally, we proffer the branding and cross-marketing of the restaurant. Cross marketing includes marketing promotion wherein your restaurant ties up with brands and products of other segments of business industry, for example, availing restaurant coupons and vouchers for customers who shop at the opposite Croma store for a particular amount of money. This helps in restaurant promotion and publicity. Branding and cross-marketing are very effective ways of strategic profit planning. We also involve in parallel marketing and 3-month soft hand holding a bond with the client. After inaugurating a franchise outlet, we closely the operations, profits, sales, expenditure, and complaints of the restaurant, help resolve any issues, and/or manage all social media handles and highlight customer reviews for 3 months, post which we exit the company only until the client needs us anytime in future. On the other hand, if clients do not want to opt for the franchise model but are interested in starting up their own brand we offer them detailed consultation services.
Cookfidner also provides and recruits chefs on national and international scales and takes care of the time-to-time training of chefs. With a strong client base and great experience, Cookfinder is established pan-India and across the globe. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur are of the cities in India and Dubai, Singapore, Australia, and the USA are few of the many countries where Cookfinder is well-known.