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April 10, 2019

Chennai Struggle Story of a Chef

From turning simple ingredients into a spectacular and delicious dish, becoming a chef is not just a profession, it is passion and art. But as exciting as it sounds, it possesses many challenges. In India and across the world, no matter what the chefs serve you, hard work, determination and training are the three things always served onto a chef’s plate.

In Chennai—a city that is welcoming all types of food culture—hotel and restaurant industry is successfully growing. Upcoming and well-established restaurants and hotels are recruiting cooks-for-hire in Chennai. Apart from these commercial kitchens, people are on the lookout of wanted-cook for home in Chennai.

Cooking is not a cake-walk. After getting into a kitchen, very first challenge faced by cooks-for-hire in Chennai—like everywhere else—is designing the right menu. Chefs usually believe that they will finally be able to cook what they want. But creating the perfect menu often involves departing from your recipes and focusing on what customers love to eat the most. But, wanted-cooks for home in Chennai can often get to cook what they like as people are mostly open to trying out new dishes.

For keeping customers coming back for more, chefs need to find the uniqueness about their cuisine. But developing that chef’s signature or chef’s recommended needs consistency and never ending practice to sharpen those culinary skills.

Chefs-for-hire in Chennai love to define, with their food, how much efficient and creative their team is. But instead of engaging their team in preparing complex recipe, well-executed, simple, classic and flavourful preparation and presentations are always well-received. The restraint of keeping recipes simple which can be whole-heartedly cooked by the team is a great challenge, but if overcome, it can generate outstanding customer satisfaction.

However, to achieve this whole-heartedness of the team, chefs need to identify, train and confer his/her cooking wisdom to an exceptional crew. In Chennai, a city where idli–dosa are not the only dishes people cherish, it is important for a chef to be an excellent recruiter, mentor, motivator, disciplinarian and role model to the team.

“There’s a bond among a kitchen staff, I think. You spend more time with your chef in the kitchen than you do with your own family.” – Gordon Ramsay It may sound easy, but maintaining consistency in quantity and quality every day is very crucial for wanted-cooks for home in Chennai and cooks for hire in Chennai. Chefs must to build a system and ensure if it is followed. Consistency is thus important because it is a tendency of customers that if they like a recipe in the first place, they will expect an exactly same one on their second, third and all consecutive visits.

Time and perfection are the two factors seemingly difficult to manage. No one likes to wait for longer when hungry. Thus, cooking the perfect recipes in less time is an all-time challenge for chefs—not just in Chennai, but everywhere. There is always a constant fight between the consistently high quality execution and owners to maximize their business. Cooking the perfection with less time on chef’s plate is the ultimate challenge in cooking industry in Chennai. However, wanted-cooks for home in Chennai can quickly prepare meals with perfection sprinkled on the time since there are usually no time limitations imposed by the customers.

Cooks-for-hire in Chennai do not face challenges only inside a kitchen, their social and personal lives too are often challenging. The age-old question of—how does a chef manage to give time to life outside of work?—remains to be fully elucidated. Pulling of 12 hours of shift (when customers are lined up for occasion), standing all day in a hot and humid kitchen, especially on weekends (when others are eating, drinking, having gala time and releasing stress) chefs are always busy serving people. Thus, making time for their families, friends is near impossible to a struggling chef.

But, if one has the passion and perseverance to really become a chef, all these imposed challenges and obstacles can be overcome. There are many cooks for hire in Chennai and wanted-cooks for home in Chennai who have marked their presence in the culinary world of this constantly upgrading city.

Bunuma Patgiri, 30 year old junior sous chef at the Leela Palace, Chennai has always had a knack for cooking Asian cuisine. After undergoing constant struggle, she now designs menus and recipes for China XO. Her innovative recipes include a perfect combination of molecular gastronomy and classic authentic recipes. To all the struggling chefs she suggests that even if working in a commercial kitchen of any hotel or restaurant, chefs must feel like they are serving guests at home, with a touch of heart.

Another example of a hard working chef who has now reached the epitome of success is Yeshvin Mather. A hotel management graduate had to constantly grind himself to become a well-known chef. Yeshvin spent few years in restaurants in Chennai city, such as Tuscano, Kryptos and Pizza Republic. At the age of 26, he is now a founder of and a chef at Brick house Bistro and Grub Food Company. Brick House Bistro was started in an apartment in Anna Nagar, Chennai and now has two outlets, changing the way the city looks at fast food. This proves that no matter how demanding it may seem, if a person is passionate about cooking, he/she can become a successful chef in a city which is open to wide range of national and international cuisines.