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April 23, 2019

What is the best food franchise to open in Mumbai?

Food franchise in India is one of the fastest growing industries. Indian food and beverage market is growing at an annual rate of 24% and has touched Rs. 4 lac crores by the end of 2017. India comprises 365 million people in the age of 10–24, which is the largest youth population in the world. Thus, food franchise in India is expected to grow owing to changing consumer preferences in terms of tying out new recipes. With 1.3 billion population, India has approximately 2700 fast food chain outlets, making growth of food industry obvious. Along with well-established food franchises in India, there are many upcoming franchise in India that offer wider business opportunities.

The center of attraction is the metropolitan cities, and Mumbai literally tops the list. Mumbai is one of the largest and fastest growing metropolitan in India, with largest population and highest value of gross domestic product. Mumbai accounts for approximately 70% of the country’s capital transactions. Headquarters to many of the well-established national and international franchise brands, the city is home to crucial economic institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, the Bombay Stock Exchange, and the National Stock Exchange and is thus is known as the fastest growing city for business expansion. One of many advantages that the city offers to entrepreneurs and franchise owners is organized retail space.

If one needs to own a franchise in Mumbai with small investment, there is plethora of upcoming franchises in India. Increasing hotel and restaurant business and multiple upcoming franchises in India will thus need a cook and chefs with excellent culinary skills and passion for cooking. Future for chefs and cooks is thus brilliant and brightest in Mumbai. Famous hotels such as JW Marriott, Taj, Oberoi either need a continental cook or need a Chinese cook or need bakery chefs, but the needs vary on the basis of the theme of food served.

The top fast food franchise opportunities in Mumbai consist of McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Subway, and Taco Bell, but such well-known franchises require a little more investment than one can usually afford. However, with the advancing technology and various upcoming franchises in India, there are now multiple options for those who look forward to own a franchise in Mumbai with small investment and higher returns. Moreover, before entering the world of fast food franchise in India, it is necessary to understand local preference of food within a particular area. To own a franchise in Mumbai with small investment, there are over 100 exciting and promising franchise prospects to look at, and for this, upcoming franchises in India is the key to success because these are available in low investments and with higher returns of investment. Be it the Vada-Pav franchises (Goli Vada Pav or Jumbo King) or the burger franchises (Burger King), chicken franchises (KFC), sandwich franchises (Subway), and juices and shakes franchises (Keventers), growth is definite.

To name few of the upcoming franchises in India and franchise in Mumbai with small investment, Chick Blast, Quiznos, Sbarro, and New York Pizza and Fried Chicken top the list.

First ever India-owned, Chick Blast is one of the best family restaurants with a unique business model that serves fried and grilled chicken, burgers, wraps, seafood, pizzas, pasta, rice bowls, shawarma, quesadillas, sandwich, Hyderabad style dum chicken biryani, ice rolls, shakes, desert items, etc. With its unique all-kinds menu, the place serves every taste for every craving. This is one of fastest growing food franchise in India since 2009, which requires low investment of Rs. 5–18 lacs. Chick Blast franchise proffers many advantages such as high ROI, minimum-risk business model, no royalty or commission, and renowned brand name.

Another name in the list of fast food franchise in Mumbai with small investment is Quiznos. A US-based brand with over 32 years of experience, Quiznos is a name that introduced varieties of toasted sandwiches. While other brands specialize in pizza and burgers, Quiznos specializes in offering sandwiches that are delicious and unique in quality. The total investment involved in owing a Quiznos franchise is Rs. 20–40 lacs, whereas the space requirements is 1400 sq. ft. ROI from this franchise is usually based on cost, area, location, quality of food served, service, business model, etc.

New York Pizza and Fried Chicken is another well-established fast food brand which is known for low investment or capital. The place serves wide variety of pizzas such as juicy, spicy, fried chicken; burgers; and seafood all under one roof. At present, NYPFC has more than 100 outlets spread across 19 states in India. NYPFC offers outstanding beneficiary deal as one of the upcoming franchises in India, with numerous advantages as follows: 1) store setup cost and operational costs are much lower than competitors (approximately Rs. 30–50 lacs), 2) no royalty fees, 3) least monthly franchise fee, and 4) high ROI with true value for investment. NYPFC franchise business opportunity is a profitable and rewarding for individuals looking to own a franchise in Mumbai with small investment.

The future is promising in the big city, not just for franchise owners but also for cooks and chefs. With increasing hike of food and beverage industry in all its aspects, restaurants need a cook and chefs with excellent culinary styles and passion. With the changing taste of India, now southern cities need a north Indian cook, whereas northern cities need a south Indian cook. With an influx of people nationally and internationally, Mumbai is a base for variety of career and business opportunities.