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April 20, 2019

Struggle of finding a cook in Jaipur

Jaipur, the gateway to Rajasthan, is actually India’s first planned city. Known as the wonderful Pink City, Jaipur is popular for its 18th-century old Hawa Mahal palace, formal well-maintained gardens, the City Palace, Amber Fort, and Nahargarh Fort that offers picturesque, panoramic views of the city. This glorious city is home to a variety of art including blue earthenware, square and block paintings, folk music, and dance forms such as Ghoomar. Along with fairs and festivals celebrated throughout the year, the city offers conventional cuisine. Since the era of Jaipur’s first ruler, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, till date, the city has kept alive its flavours and test. Rajasthan is known for vegetarian food and thus nutritious. Dal-baati, churma, mawa kachori, besan ke ghatte, chakke ki sabji, sangria sabji, and missi roti is just part of the main course. Wide variety of sweets definitely follows. Rabri, ghevar, gajak, feeni, moong thal, and chauguni ke laddu are the prime delicacies.

Having its own taste and flavour, cooking Jaipuri food in a kitchen needs knowledge and understanding of the city and its people. The food ranges from Mughal and Rajput to European. Chefs thus have a bright and promising career in this city if, apart from your forte in culinary, you cook Jaipuri cuisine too. There is an upcoming plethora of hire-best-cook agencies in Jaipur.

Apart from the authentic vegetarian food, the city offers non-vegetarian dishes too. Chefs can explore their career in non-vegetarian cuisine as well. Rajasthan was once known for its Mughal influence, and there is a place in the city, Kallu’s, which still offer old-style Muslim food in predominantly Hindu locality. Kebabs, biryanis, niharis, fermented bread and thin spicy curries and one of the specialities of Kallu’s, whereas another famous hotel Chokhi Dhani gives a snapshot of the local lifestyle. Surya Mahal at the Oberoi Rajvilas offers European and Asian cuisine but showcases Rajasthani specialities. An Indian street-food platter, minced lamb skewers or tandoori fish marinated in garlicky kasundi mustard, followed by laal maas, or tandoori chicken on the bone marinated in yoghurt and Kashmiri chillies are few of the specialities of chefs serving non-vegetarian food in the Pink City.

But with the scope of a bright career, come challenges too. Being a chef in Jaipur is offers many obstacles to overcome. Knowing Rajasthani local cuisine is just because the city that welcomes tourists throughout the year is known for its traditional cuisine, and thus having hands-on with the authentic gives an upper edge. Another problem faced by cooks required in Jaipur is that there are challenges inside of the kitchen too. Standing for the almost entire day, following the right recipe, and having a knowledge about how authentic spices work is few tasks new cooks required in Jaipur need to religiously follow.

The only way to be successful is to implement systems in the kitchen and follow them, such as a system for ordering, receiving, inventory, production, and menu costing are some roles expected from chefs working in hotels in the city such as JW Marriott, Trident, The Lalit etc.

There are many home chefs in Jaipur. This is one new profession added to the city’s career list. Chef Abhilasha Jain specializes in Rajasthani cuisine and is usually occupied with food orders. With her initial start-up of serving food to people and some basic help from a social media platform, she now receives bulk orders for 40–50 people and delivers food in Gurgaon, Delhi, and Ghaziabad. For starting your personal food serving platform, chefs or cooks unique selling point matters. Chef Abhilasha refrains from adding readymade products to her food. Spices and ingredients such as turmeric, red chillies are ground at home.

For any cook required in Jaipur, hot food, freshly prepared, attractively presented, and coupled with great service are the keys to success. To be successful in the restaurant and cooking industry, chefs and cooks required in Jaipur need determination and hard work, no matter what obstacles come along. New cooks start from the bottom, i.e., line cooks. Hence, seeking support and guidance from many hire best cook agencies in Jaipur is the right step. These companies train the chefs and sharpen all the necessary cooking and culinary skills expected of cooks required in Jaipur. Making an impact in the commercial kitchen and working one’s way up the ladder usually takes time, but simultaneously, knowing the right people in the industry and growing contacts also go long way. Many chefs are presented with the opportunity of cooking for charity. Carpe diem! Seize the chance and grow your connections to be successful and popular!

After gaining an appropriate amount of experience, cooks and chefs can even start their own restaurants and hotels or run national and international franchisees. There are a lot of challenges faced there too. You need a Cook or chef to design the menu, procure fresh ingredients, recruit and manage staff, and keep customers happy with the food they really would enjoy. Cooking and serving good food is crucial, but running a successful restaurant required more than just culinary skills.

But no matter how many challenges need to be faced to be a successful chef or cooks required in Jaipur, the best part of being in a kitchen is the rush of being in the kitchen, seeing the team design great food together, and smiles of the faces of guests are the true rewards deserved by cooks required in Jaipur or anywhere, for that matter. Despite all the problems, a true chef cannot help but love it all.