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April 03, 2019

Specialties of cooks in Jaipur

Situated at the edge of the famous Thar Desert and surrounded by the Aravali hills, Jaipur—the state of capital of Rajasthan—also goes by the name ‘pink city’. Apart from the one colour that describes the city, Jaipur is vivid with forts, palaces, rich cultural heritage and traditions. But apart from all the tourist attractions, one thing that highlights Jaipur on the national and global map is the distinguished variety and flavours of food: authentic and exotic. Jaipur and, altogether Rajasthan, has a home-grown style of traditional cuisine. Cooks in Jaipur specialize in both veg and non-veg recipes, reflecting the city’s uniqueness. There are many cooks for restaurants in Jaipur that that serve all the options with famous North Indian, Italian, French and Chinese dishes. But considering the history of the city, from the camp food of cameleer to the multicourse feasts set royally before a Maharaja, it is always advisable to opt for the menus of authentic cooks in Jaipur.

There are few authentic recipes which are the specialities of both, cooks for restaurant in Jaipur and cooks for home in Jaipur; Dal Baati Churma stands at the top of the list. This is by far one of the most famous and cherished dishes of Rajasthan. Cooks for hire in Jaipur serve the round baatis with panchkuti dal along with churma. Chefs make the baatis as stuffed dough balls and bake over charcoal fire. The taste is mind blowing. Churma is the sweet dish made of jaggery and ghee. Panchkuti dal is lentil curry that is the most flavoursome.

Cooks in Jaipur also specialize in variety of non-veg recipes. The crowd pleaser among non-vegetarian dishes is Laal Maas. Laal—the colour red—comes from the hearty dose of red chilli powder that is added to this curry loaded with mutton. Another popular non-veg dish is Mohan Mass. Cooks in Jaipur cook the meat with milk and mix of spices. The meat is slow cooked in thick cream of gravy to tenderness.

Among the sweet dishes, the most popular one is Badam ka Halwa. Cooks for restaurant in Jaipur prepare this sweet little heavenly dish with sugar, suji, dry fruits and nuts and plenty of ghee. Jaipuri sweet feast is only complete when one is served with Churma laddoos. The laddoos are rolled in desi ghee and served after Dal Baati Churma. The real taste of Jaipur and real cooking skills of cooks for restaurant in Jaipur lie in these Churma laddoos.

There are many famous chefs and cooks in Jaipur who recommend their special dishes from all over the city to their customers. Among the many, one popular name is Chef Pradipt Sinha. Chef Pradipt is an executive chef at JW Mariott Hotel, Jaipur. For breakfast, the chef recommends a popular local favourite—Sanjay Omlette. A simple restaurant wherein the cooks serve fluffy cheese omelettes, egg parathas and egg pizzas with Indian touch. According to the chef, Kulfi is a must-try to beat the scorching heat of the city anytime. These are rich and creamy, and there are usually four authentic flavours to choose from: plain, kesar, badam and mixed. Chef Pradipt also suggests his favourite Ghevar as yet another sweet dish for sweet-lovers. Cooks in Jaipur usually cook this dish as a round cake soaked in sugar syrup, with a distinct addition of kewra water. Toppings include silver foil, almonds and pistachios to malai.

There are many restaurants and hotels in Jaipur that serve good, delicious and authentic food. Spice Court is famous and gorgeous courtyard that offers few of the spiciest dishes of Rajasthani cuisine. Located in Bapur Bazar, Natraj is yet another hotel near MI road. The place offers large variety of Thalis, such as Chinese, Continental, south Indian and many more. Rawat Mishtan Bhandar; this outlet is famous for its onion and dal kachoris. The place exclusively serves 10,000 kachoris every single day. Chaats, Rajasthani thalis and authentic North Indian dishes are also present on the menu of this place.

A meal is not complete in Jaipur until it is served with roti (also known as chapatti). These are made of fine wholemeal flour and cooked. Cooks in Jaipur also cook Sogra, a thick, heavy roti made from millet; Makki ki roti, made from fat cornmeal and dhokla, which needs no introduction to Indians.

There are variety of recipes cooked by cooks in Jaipur and ones in the city, for residence or visiting the place, one must try out the famous places to taste the food served by cooks for restaurant in Jaipur and cooks for home in Jaipur. Bon appétit! Eat your heart out in the pink city.