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March 26, 2019

Specialties of Chennai The Food Story

Chennai was formerly known as Madras and now a capital city of Tamil Nadu has a diverse culture in terms of arts history tradition and food. The residents chefs and cooks in Chennai are of the strong belief that serving food to others is counted as a great service to humanity. Customs and authenticity are two key factors that are highly respected while dining in households of Chennai. Their simple food is a reflection of their down to earth personality. Rice legumes and lentils are known as a staple food of Tamil cuisine. Chefs and cooks in Chennai prepare the food with proper and utmost care by optimizing every element and ingredient. To name a few vegetables and ingredients such as yoghurt are great in combination whereas tamarind is used as a souring agent which the favoured taste all over Tamil Nadu. Moreover the traditional way of eating a meal involves being a seat on a floor serving the food on the banana leaf and eating with the right hand.

There are many cooks required in Chennai who cook authentic food and serve the homely south Indian taste. Any wanted to cook in Chennai to know that over the years people have been waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed steaming coffee and that is surely a definition of pure bliss.

Cooks in Chennai specialize in various recipes and dishes. One of the most cherished dishes is known as called Thayir Vadai. Cooks in Chennai deep fry the crisp vadai as per customers requirements. Topped with a dollop of fresh, smooth curd and home-made authentic spices is a classic touch some specialist chefs like to add to it. Cooks in Chennai particularize in yet another popular dish the long established Madras Meals. It is a wholesome platter comprising rice sambar pulses vegetable curry appalam and sweets. If you are in Chennai craving a full fledged luncheon there are wanted cooks in Chennai who would come home to cook this platter exclusively for you. Next speciality of wanted cooks in Chennai is Kuzhi Paniyaram. Cooks in Chennai cook this dumpling with two styles: steamed and fried. These are sweet niblets made by deep-frying idly batter and can be feasted on with some chutney dip or sambar. For non-veg lovers also the city offers a variety of choices most popular being Chicken Chettinad. It is a spicy curry made with lots of home made spices and it tastes delicious with rice dosas or parottas. For seafood lovers the city proffers even more options. But the classic royal dish that should be on any seafood lovers check list is Madras Fish Curry. A tempting mouth watering fried fish that is cooked with a perfect blend of chilli powder spices and beaten egg is a must have. Adding to this list are sweets including Appam and Mysore Pak and drinks including Jigarthanda Rose Milk and Paneer Soda (made of rose water).

Taking a wider perspective into consideration India is known for great food traditional recipes and trends that still can be tasted in various corners of the country. Nevertheless with the steady urbanization over the past few years regional and culinary diversity is now more rampant than before. No matter which part of the country you are in you have easy access to satisfy your taste buds to any food type you like. Maharashtrian restaurants can be found in Delhi whereas Bengali food joints can be seen in Punjab. However often it is claimed that Chennai has a reputation for being conservative and it doesnt offer North Indian varieties. Today this stereotype has been broken. Many restaurants and North Indian cooks in Chennai are contributing to creating this difference.

In many parts of the city North Indian hotels and restaurants are available in huge number. In Kanathur Bhangra is a casual dining restaurant that brings in the flavours of the North. Bombay Brasserie in Nungambakkam is famous for its chaat that takes one back to the seashores of Mumbai. Starting from Masala Chaai to Majito this casual dining restaurant and its wanted cooks in Chennai serve the real Mumbaiyaa deal. Kaidi Kitchen located on Mylapore this restaurant is known for its prison theme where you can only be captive by the North Indian delicacies. Pait Pooja in Thuraipakkam offers authentic Punjabi ambience. This vegetarian dhaba is always surprising its customers with generous servings and modest prices. Chefs and cooks required in Chennai and north Indian cooks in Chennai are in high demand in the famous kabab joint in the city called The Great Kabab Factory Radisson Blu. This dine out place has a wide range of royal Indian specialities.

Apart from restaurant and hotels North Indian cooks in Chennai are also the cooks required in Chennais kitchen especially if you are a migrant from North. North Indian home chefs can be hired through various cook agencies in Chennai. The rates and pay scales of these home chefs vary in different parts of the city. In Navallur Kelambakkam area North Indian cooks in Chennai can be hired for nearly Rs. 1000 per person per month. These home cooks prepare breakfast lunch and dinner. In Thoraipakkam the pay is nearly Rs. 1200 per person per month.

Although famous for the popular eating house and their authentic food Chennai breaking the stereotype also has numerous not-so-known eating places that serve various cuisines. Mylai Sri Karpagambal mess Shri Gujarati Mandal Venkateshwara Boli stall are few places that should just personally be explored for the food they serve. Being a typical metropolis that houses considerable people from different states of the country cooks in Chennai and many cook agencies in Chennai are now making the city as a noticeable place that has many food varieties to offer to people of various ethics.