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May 22, 2019

How to start a fine dine restaurants business?

Fine dine restaurants businesses are growing exponentially in India. Especially in big cities, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad, there are plethora of fine dine restaurant franchise. Across all the parts of India, there is a range of authentic cuisines; the cities are also appreciating international fine dining food cultures. Term ""find dine"" brings many prestigious images: white tablecloths, rich food, silverware, and waiters in tuxedo. It is a restaurant concept that offers patrons the finest in food, service, and ambiance. In India, the scope and future of this sector is reaching peaks.

There are three key factors to focus on in a fine dine restaurants business: Menu, service, and ambiance.

People visit fine dine restaurant franchise on happy occasions; the food should stand up to their expectations, in terms of selection and quality. Thus, they should have a broad range of menu - delicious and creative. Many fine dine restaurants business offer prix fixe menus. These limited selections change on a daily or weekly basis, and the menu is usually created out of locally available fresh food items. Chefs are required to practice their creativity while designing recipes to fit the season. In fine dine restaurant franchise, liquor selection are always on higher end. These restaurants focus on top shelf liquors and best of cognacs, brandies, etc. Wine list should complement the menu. Serving staff is trained to recommend a wine for each dish.

Customer service:
For a fine dine restaurants business, good customer service is much important. An ideal staff is always well-experienced in effectively interacting with customers. Staff is generally required to perform following duties:
1.Escort patrons to their respective tables
2.Attend to the customers in between courses
3.Explain menus without notes
Serve food skilfully

There was a time when fine dining was all about snooty waiters and French names. Today, fine dine restaurant franchise can be of any setting and variety of international cuisines. To create a rich and welcoming ambience, restaurants use fine chine, glassware, and tablecloths. Moreover, in today`s experimental era, creating ambience is of creativity. One can take a traditional route with silver candelabras and rose centrepieces, or go hip and trendy with some bold color and modern furnishing. Music in the background should reflect restaurants theme. There are many types of music choices, which include classical for a traditional fine dine restaurant franchise or jazz for something trendy and modern. Fine dine designing demands great attention to detail, but it can pay off well in the long run when there are reservations made months in advance. Ultimately, customers should find it worth the cost and thus should keep coming back.

How to start a fine dine restaurants business?

Opening a Fine Dining Restaurant requires following steps:

1. Fine dining your themes: Fine dining is a subjective term with rich experiences. So while a concept should clearly and consistently define an impressive theme. It should earn attention and stand out among other restaurants.

2. Selecting a location: Location is integral for success of any fine dine restaurant franchise. Fine dine restaurants are often full-suite experiences, wherein dinner reservations are made weeks or months in advance and patrons enjoy a drive to location. Converted buildings such as barns, older homes, and other unique structures are great for unique locations.

3. Designing a creative menu: Menu should set you apart from the competitors. The menu is expected to be presented in an elegant form.

4. Purchase equipment: Equipment for the kitchen should be in alignment with requirements set by the menu. Freshly prepared produce, homemade spices, and bread are often hallmarks of a fine dining experience so appropriate spaces should be available to store and prepare these foods. While all restaurants require specific commercial equipment, fine dining restaurants must also consider plates, glassware, flatware, linens, and furniture to best compliment the restaurant`s overall ambiance.

5. To hire staff members: Good service staff should be able to present the menu without any hesitation, and should always have food and drink recommendations to make. A head chef with experience and passion for great food and menu is the linchpin of your restaurant`s success.

6. Connect with local farms: This is a must because organically produced fresh local produce is not just considered better for the environment and local economy. Freshly procured produce and food ingredients proffer better taste, looks and provide greater sense of connection to the food and the experience for your clientele.

7. Set up a reservation system: To take care of all-booked reservations, fine dine restaurant franchisees choose their suitable seating, first round of guests is usually seated at early in the evening, around 5:30 and 6 PM, the next round begins mostly after 7:30 PM. This allows better management of order flow in the kitchen. Table hold policy is also applied at many fine dine restaurant franchisees.

8. Partner with other local businesses: To work in harmony and raise bars of financial growth, it is an effective strategy to reach out to local businesses. Partnering with bed & breakfasts, resorts, and hotels and offering budget-friendly packages and deals to people looking for weekend getaways can be a promising resource of exposure.

Along with these crucial tasks, to open a fine dining restaurants franchise in India, one will need a minimum of 3000 sq. ft. of space and an initial investment of Rs. 75 Lacks. Although one needs to invest more than needed for running casual diner or cafe, owners can generate huge ROI operating a fine dine restaurants business.