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January 04, 2019

How to find chef and cook jobs in India

Cook & Chef Recruitment India happens through close networking or through online portals such as facebook and instagram. Although this is not safest bet Cook or Chef recruitment in India also takes place through direct walk in and a candidate is not hired through his CV but by conducting trials in the kitchen. We recommend using safest online portal such as or to find dream jobs for yourself.. Indeed Performing best in Trials for grabbing the best lucrative chef job can open plethora of opportunities for any candidate.

So to Find Chef and Cooks Jobs following characteristics are a must-:

1) A Good CV or Resume

50% of the battle is won when a Candidate submits his resume covering his Work Experience of the industry, history of Training Certificates obtained and educational qualification in hospitality field. It is equivalently important to attach supporting documents of Industry experience along with CV while submitting for Hire a Chef Post or simply a Cook Jobs

2) Personal Interview

It is mandatory to clear Personal Interview when trying to find Chef & Cook Jobs in India. Hire a Chef can be most exhaustive task for any employer and many of them decide only on basis of Personal Interview. One should be prepared for questions like " why did you leave last job ? " Whats your Salary Expectation?"  " Which all cuisines you know and your signature dishes" . Some employers are even concerned about pressure one will have to handle in the hustle bustle of restaurant kitchen. Confidence should be your another key to clear PI round when applying for Chef Jobs.

3)  Trial in the Kitchen

When employer tries to Hire a Chef or employee is trying to Find Chef and Cook Jobs the ultimate test one has to undergo is Trial in Kitchen where Candidate is asked to Prepare their signature dish or tentative menu based on the availability of ingredient. Remember the employer is judging your BASICS and want to be confident on your taste buds. We recommend presenting 3-4 signature dishes with best in industry palate presentation putting your best stroke forward. Cleanliness of kitchen and overall kitchen flow are two main criteria when conducting trials for Chef Recruitment India.

We request all employers to hire a chef only through support of trusted CHEF RECRUITEMENT India agency as there are many fraudulent ones operating in the market. For all your manpower needs visit

Happy Hunting !