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June 22, 2019

Hello, Cafe Ho! a Greetings from Cook finder

Bareilly, a small city located in Uttar Pradesh, India. Uttar Pradesh is the fourth largest state in India. With a registered annual financial growth rate of more than 7%, the gross domestic product of the state is approximately Rs. 15.80 lakh crore. From the ancient era to the modernizing technological world, this small city has evolved a lot. Bareilly sees the best of both worlds. On one hand, you have the spicy street food of Hindu-loving communities; on the other hand, you have the rich gastronomic heritage of Muslim residents. Bareilly has a thriving dining sector, consisting of everything from roadside fast food joints to fancy fine-dining restaurants. Aloo ki Tikki, Moong dal ka Cheela, Golgappe, Dahi Papdi, weaves a delicious spell on locals. Ayub Khan Chowraha is a bustling destination for chaat lovers. Civil Lines market is where you can gorge on all sorts of fast foods Bareilly enjoys a plethora of Mughlai delicacies. Foodies in the perusal of great sweets visit Punjabi market.
Future prospects of restaurants and hotel industry are bright and promising in this city. So, a B.Tech. Electronics and Director of Karca Enterprises, Mr Rajat Agarwal, aimed to want to open the fast food café franchise.
Foodie by heart, Mr Agarwal knew it all along that opening a restaurant, hotel, or franchise is not an easy job. With so many things seemingly stacked in the city—busy and bustling work days, long hours, and steep competition from other rising restaurants and cafes—it is almost impossible to buy a fast food café franchise gets a new café business up and running. Moreover, improving the bars of existing fast food café franchise model and its ROI may seem unnerving, given the levels of competition.
With more than 15 years of experience in telecommunications marketing and mobile selling, his business-minded ideas thought of seeking professional guidance to help him lay his blueprint. He then approached Cookfinder and realized his dream of Hello, Cafe Ho!
The very first thing he planned with Cookfinder was planning the budget. Those with who want to buy a fast food café franchise model, Cookfinder plays a major role. Hello, cafe Ho! is a unique and innovatively conceptualized café in Bareilly that proffers delicious and nutritious food with a wide variety to choose from.
The layout of the cafe was designed as per the area of 600 sq. ft., which required an investment of Rs. 15 lac. The profit margin was nearly 45%. The important requirement was choosing a prime location. However, with Cookfinder’s guidance, Mr Agarwal optimized the available prospects that fit his budget. The café is themed to be located in a mobile shop. Intriguing? You need to see it yourself!
Cookfinder’s mission was to guide the cafe to serve fresh and healthy food, while customers could simultaneously choose the best smartphone. Shopping is exhausting, so why not occupy a table where food is being served with a side of latest technology phones. Unique? Absolutely!
To buy a fast food café franchise model, entrepreneurs need to obtain several permits. The process can be time-consuming and depleting, but with professionals, it can be a speedy process. Cookfinder helped Mr Agarwal with fire permit, health permit, sanitation permit, electrical permit, and waste permit.
Moving on to the interiors of the place, Mr Agarwal with Cookfinder’s experts designed a classic yet stylish fast-food café franchise model with a great commercial kitchen that could fully utilize the space. In order to want to open the fast food café franchise and run it successfully, it is advisable to hire experienced staff and management. Every cafe should have a regular way of greeting its customers. Being experienced in chef recruitment process and training and managing kitchen-staff teams, Cookfinder provided the right kitchen staff and management to Hello, Café Ho! Till date, it is ensured that timely training of the kitchen staff is organized to sharpen their skills with recent trends in the restaurant industry. Mr Agarwal ensures that the staff be trained in these matters so that no two customers are greeted differently. Such training also helps workers who are not naturally skilled in these areas of business.
After his never-ending efforts of designing a stellar menu, arranging suppliers and vendors of fresh produce in Bareilly, etc. Hello, Cafe Ho! has turned out to be one of the attractive places to sit and have a great time with friends and family. This place offers a variety of food items. To name a few, alfredo pasta, pizza, veg platter, sandwiches, and burgers are specialities. The menu is also designed for Chinese lovers. Drinks are five-star quality, served well presented. For those looking to grabbing something chilly, coolers, mojitos, variety of iced teas, and shakes are always served with delight. The taste is delicious, be it any item you order listed in the menu. The prices are very reasonable.
Having the prime location and brewing the best cup of coffee will only get this far, but to go beyond these boundaries, one needs to network to maintain a connection to the area and industry and attract more customers. However, Mr Agarwal handed over his networking aspects to Cookfinder. It is necessary to start marketing from before the day of the opening; that gets people excited about your cafe’s opening. This was the strategy used in the case of Hello, Cafe Ho! Our several marketing options include:
1. Designing flyers that promote the place and its grand opening day.
2. Creating social media presence and advertising.
3. Giving away free coffee samples for customers delight.
4. A mail campaign including sending coupons to local residents.
Benefits of working with Cookfinder as specified by Mr Agarwal:
1. Low investment: economic, distinct, and flexible fast food café franchise model that ensures constant income in low investment.
2. Lower risk, high ROIs: Assurance of high ROI due to brand recognition and marketing. 3. Latest technology: installing the right technology, such as mechanical cash registers and visa and Mastercard services, to ensure higher growth.
4. Franchise support: providing remarkable end-to-end franchise support, training, and consultation services for entrepreneurs to buy a fast food café franchise.