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August 12, 2019

Growing Fad For Themed Restaurant Franchise In India

Restaurant Franchise In India

To buy a restaurant franchise, theme restaurants business opportunity is favorable in India. It entails a concept and theme of a setting that is prioritized. Food is one of the least considered aspects of these restaurants, and customers are attracted solely on the premise of a theme. Themed restaurant is built around an idea, emphasizing unique experience, fantasy, glamour, and standards. Popular since 1971, Hard Rock Café represents a theme of music, especially rock music, and music artists. The concept influences architecture, food, music, and overall feel of the place.
With changing lifestyle, Indian restaurant franchise business has been changing. Welcoming different cultures, Indians are now designing more exotic menus with multinational ingredients. Various cuisine cultures are transforming the culinary styles and eating habits of traditional Indian culture. People do not only pay attention to the taste and menu but also toward the ambiance of a restaurant. Attractive place settings, classic interiors, and architectural designs that serve joy and satisfaction along with great taste keep customers coming back for more. To address customers’ requirements, themed restaurants have been establishing and increasing throughout since the 1990s. Mr. Rajeev Agarwal, the founder of Cookfinder, shared “theme restaurants business opportunity in India is rising and the graph will go up in the coming years. The level of innovation, creativity, and thought process professionals and restaurateurs have been investing in a themed restaurant concept is fascinating. For a successful restaurant/café business, it is necessary to deliver the best interiors, decors, and unique menu, but it is equally important to offer your customers an ambiance that they can enjoy and relate to.”
The core value of a theme restaurant depends on marketing and your target clients. Different customers enjoy different themes, and thus, you need to know which category you need to focus while deciding a restaurant theme.
Most successful restaurants are designed around a theme. The design coverall-about-the-restaurant requirements, starting from architectural features and interior design to furniture, layout, materials employed, cutlery and crockery and graphic design, such as signage, interior graphics, menu cards, visiting cards, paintings, and cash memo. For successful accomplishment and generating more customer traction, color, light, music, and if applicable, wine and liquor selection are very significant factors.
Theme restaurant business opportunity is a very trending concept wherein competition is fierce; new restaurants are attracting huge crowds using appealing rates, attractive offers, prime locations, and unique themes, which are the USPs of a restaurant. However, investing in a themed restaurant is not an easy way of generating higher ROIs. To buy a restaurant franchise of themed restaurants, the restaurants need to be established from scratch and generally involve high risk. Aggressive food prices, manpower, food concepts, real estate, legal permissions, daily operations cost, etc. need monthly attention apart from promotions, marketing, and maintenance. It remains controversial whether themed restaurants attract repeat guests and keep the customer load constant/increasing. Major challenges while running a themed Indian restaurant franchise is that these places usually have a short life.
Although such restaurants may be popular and loaded with customers, in the beginning, owing to their unique conceptualization, they may eventually give a sense of regularity and mundaneness, which may not keep customers on a repeat list. To tackle these problems, menu designing plays the biggest role. Keep on experiencing with your menu and music that blends and compliments your food; always train your service staff to better recommend the best menu and wine selection for a great meal. However, ensure that the change and recommendations are in accordance with the theme of the restaurant and do not make your customers disturbed with the ambiance. The take is to create a theme that appeals to a larger population and target customers and thus makes more business sense. The longer the shelf-life of the concept, the more recognized and profitable your venture will be.
“India is diverse, and one should consider and understand Indian culture to succeed and prosper. Indian customers do not accept just anything coming their way. Thus, boundaries must be set to proffer the experience, time, and food worth relishing; knowing your target customers and their integral values is very effective while investing in a theme restaurants business opportunity,” mentions Aditya Bachhawat, owner of the recently opened F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe in Kolkata, theme of which is attributable to the popular American television sitcom F.R.I.E.D.S.
To buy a restaurant franchise, few of the popular Indian restaurant franchise businesses, as listed below, can be considered.
1. Leaping Windows, Mumbai (designed for book lovers)
2. Cat café studio, Mumbai (oh yes, we are talking about actual cats and dogs here)
3. Bhaijaanz, Mumbai (started off by Bhaai’s fans for Bhaai’s fans)
4. Poush: The essence of Kashmir, Mumbai (the name says it all)
5. Kaidi’s kitchen, Kolkata (to experience life behind the bars)
6. Golden Pearl, Bangalore (the floating restaurant)
7. Kunzum Café, Delhi (This cafe has no menu with prices and serves tea, coffee, and cookies. Customers can pay anything they wish or not pay at all. Money margins are met through social events.)
Because Chinese is widely cherished by Indians, many themed Chinese restaurant franchisees are famous across India. Mainland China, Yauatcha, China Bistro, and the Mekong are few of the famous Chinese restaurant franchisees in India.
Themed restaurants are almost always located in major cities and tourist destinations. Apart from hosting special occasion events, currently, themed restaurants have minimal appeal to Indians, but people are always looking out for new concepts and qualitative ideas. To buy a restaurant franchise, big brands are exploring new creative options for customers. Nevertheless, in a fast-paced suburban life, customers expect to be enthralled and have a fantastic time each time they visit a restaurant. Themed restaurants, as their gradually increasing presence signifies and given the interest of masses, will continue to grow more popular and be a good fit in the Indian restaurant franchise business. Theme restaurant business opportunity is more than just the latest fad and thus will continue to evolve with newer and varied themes.