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May 07, 2019

Difficult to hire a cook in Ahmedabad

Rich in history and astonishing metropolis, Ahmedabad is a paradise for foodies. An authentic Gujarati thali consists of lip-smacking varieties. Gujaratis usually love their food to be sweet flavoured and is most often vegetarian. Gujarati or Ahmedabadi meal often comprises rice, bread, rotla, and vegetable curry called shaak. Different types of bread are served on a plate, such as rotla, thepla, maal purah, puri, and bhakhri. Breakfast or evening snacks include ghari, khakhra, dhokla, handva, etc. Ahmedabadis use ghee extensively in their food; it’s the aroma of fresh molten ghee that makes Gujarati food stand out among other foods of various states. Gujaratis love snacking, and their traditional snacks are cherished all over India. To name a few, there is dal-dhokli, chevdoh, undhiyu, khaman, bhusu, fafda, papdi, and sev mamra. The meal is most of the times accompanied by dessert. Additionally, having a Maharaj for cooking in Ahmedabad is still a very unique feature of Ahmedabadi food culture.

Given the love of the people for food, restaurants and hotel industry in Gujarat is growing exponentially. Moreover, knowing the food culture and systems of Gujarat, and more particularly, of Ahmedabad, is very essential for chefs and cooks working in the state.

However, to hire a cook in Ahmedabad is not as easy as it sounds. It comes with lots of challenges. Apart from the hard work, long hours of shifts, and unconditional dedication, there are many factors that make cooking challenging yet enjoyable.

1. Food cost: With the advancing world, the cost of ingredients and kitchen appliances is increasing. However, people do not want to pay more. Thus, chefs and cooks need to do a better job in utilizing all the products and ingredients that come in the kitchen and waste less.

2. Labour: Finding real talent with regard to hire a cook in Ahmedabad is very tough. Chefs need to know Gujarati cuisine and the culture to better understand their customers. The stress thus needs to be equally divided among the team. 3. Vendors: Understanding vendors is just as important as to hire a cook in Ahmedabad. Cooks and chefs need to find a vendor that is excellent with on-time delivery, a supply of fresh food stock, and providing the best quality product because a perfect recipe comes from perfect ingredients.

4. Creativity and demand: In Ahmedabad, where people are so crazy about typical Gujarati dishes, sometimes it becomes challenging to create a new recipe. Chefs and cooks need to understand their customers. To bring out the best on the plate, chefs need to know their customers from a commercial point of view. How much are they willing to spend? What kind of food do they prefer to buy? What are the costs of ingredients and prepping time? What kind of mark-up can you get away with? How will the dish fit the profile of the menu and the venue? Etc. To hire a cook in Ahmedabad, chefs and cooks need to experiment with flavours and textures to make the final dish appetizing, delicious, balanced, and interesting. This involves selecting ingredients and techniques. It requires a knowledge of being able to predict how the different parts will work together, and how the final dish will be received. This also includes the presentation and how it will be eaten and served.

5. The practical challenges come down to the actual cooking of the dish in the restaurant setting. What kind of kitchen do you have available? How much room do you have, what equipment is available, what can be prepped in advance, and what do you need to cook to order? How much room do you have for cold and warm storage? How many dishes can you cook at once? How many cooks do you have available? How long does it take to finish the dish?

6. The technical challenges: How to create a perfect sear on a steak, cooking to different temperatures, sauteing, steaming, emulsifying, seasoning etc. All the practical knowledge that comes with being an accomplished and experienced cook. This also includes multitasking, timing the different processes, troubleshooting, fixing mistakes on the fly, coordinating with your colleagues, and finalizing the dish on a plate.

But if you love cooking, these obstacles are a very enjoyable and skilfull process that turns you into a real chef. Since the era of Maharaj for cooking in Ahmedabad, there have been many hotels and restaurants in Ahmedabad, chefs, cooks, and line cooks can make their career happen. Agashiye, a heritage mansion dating back to 1920s, offers a contemporary Gujarati fine-dining experiences. Vishala, the heaven of relaxation, peace, and wholesome food, offers food based on village staples and aims to be actually health conscious and low on fat by including baked and roasted food, green, sprouted salads, etc. Located in the luxury Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, The Eatery is a multi-cuisine restaurant. It offers a variety of tasty meals, quick bites and good coffee in a casual setting. But it is most famous for its breakfast buffet. This place also caters non-vegetarian dishes. Apart from the authentic Gujarati meal, people in Ahmedabad also cherish foods from all parts of the world. For a real taste of South Indian cuisine in Ahmedabad, Dakshinayan is the perfect place. Mouth-watering dosas, idlis, pongals, sambhars, Dakshinayan has it all. An absolute favourite for Mughlai food, Moti Mahal will delight any food lover’s taste buds. To add to this, they offer a variety of tasty chutneys to accompany the main dishes. And to end a meal, there is also authentic South Indian filter coffee. Thus, to hire a cook in Ahmedabad also means that restaurants need a continental cook, need a South Indian cook, need a North Indian cook, and many more.