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February 26, 2019

Cook Jobs in Delhi

Delhi—the capital city and heart of India—is a global metropolis providing the home to millions. The city, as known in 1947, has now changed dramatically. Once famous for its Mughal cuisine, today Delhi’s food culture is a blend of culture from all parts of the world. The city is the centre of attention of the entire nation. Restaurant and franchise industry in Delhi has broadened, including street food, food courts and renowned five-star hotels.

The promising food & beverage industry calls for cook jobs in Delhi. Chefs and cooks in Delhi are taking a lead and creating world-class menus. Many international chefs can be seen working contently in various hotels and restaurants in the city. To recruit talented chefs, there is top-notch hire best cook agencies in Delhi, which are the first choice of every cook in Delhi. Many such chef recruitment agencies have been operating in the city since a long time, and with experience in the recruitment sector, these hire best cook agencies in Delhi have brought passionate chefs from India and international countries to Delhi.

Along with blooming restaurant and hotel industry, Delhi is also witnessing the beginning of a new profession—Home chefs. With respect to this upcoming aspect, Shawn Runacres, managing director of Domesteq Service Solutions, a Delhi-based domestic staff placement and training agency, recently spoke in his interview, “At any given time, nearly 60,000 people are looking to hire home cooks in Delhi and Gurgaon.” Home chefs is a fast-growing category in the country, accountable for nearly Rs. 2,50,000 Crore by National Restaurant Association of India. However, home cooks are different from cook jobs in Delhi and regular hotel cooks in Delhi. Home cooks can decide their pace of cooking and are usually skilled in certain cuisines.

It’s not just the passion and scale that sets home chefs apart from other hotel-cooks in Delhi, it is also the efforts chefs make to serve authentic food. In spite of the flexibility in the city, home chefs need to wait for success, which takes time because, in terms of mouth-publicity, not all are keen on paying for home food. Home chefs need to have prior clarity about their personal and professional growth. They can eventually remain a home chef or turn into a delivery centre or even open a restaurant.

Started as a home chef, Kalpana Guha is running a fast-growing food business in Delhi called Food Cloud. This is basically a portal that features around 140 cooks in Delhi. Food Cloud brings its customers the homely taste of food, and customers can choose from a variety of cuisines. Food Cloud offers promising and exciting cooks jobs in Delhi. On the other side, in Defence Colony of New Delhi, Chef Karan Batra and his mother Radhika Batra are successfully running K’s Kitchen. Specializing in exquisite mutton each fry, prawn moilee and masala fish fry, this son-mother duo is offering many cook jobs in Delhi along with many future prospects.

Simultaneously, a number of young cooks, chefs and mixologists have suddenly gone up. Manjit Singh Gill, the corporate chef of ITC Maurya, Delhi, mentioned in his interview about an annual 50% increase in the number of chefs working in the hotel’s kitchen. Rajesh Jhingon, executive vice-president of The Leela, spoke, “There is an increased number of chefs in our kitchens with 15–20%. This increase is due to more show kitchens and lives counter cooking styles that are coming into play.”

The number of cook jobs in Delhi is on a steady rise in the food and beverage industry. This is because of two reasons: cooking is marking its strong presence and there is an increasing demand for cooks in Delhi. Additionally, many new hotels and restaurants have been built in Delhi and in India in the last couple of decades. Approximately 40% of the hotel’s income constitutes revenue from food and beverage sales alone and hotels in Delhi are happily recruiting young staff owing to the rising sales and skills of the cooks.

In Delhi, restaurant chains are recruiting young and talented chefs and cooks by hundreds as there is a growing appetite for specialised food in the industry. Restaurateurs are envisioning brighter tomorrow. Owning to great career opportunities and hire best cook agencies in Delhi, cook jobs in Delhi are moving towards a better future. The food industry is only blooming and promising for cooks in Delhi.