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February 08, 2019

Chef Jobs Abroad

It’s not just the Indian IT skills that are in demand worldwide. With increasing craze for Indian cuisine, culinary talent too has a lot of promising future offering never-ending opportunities of Indian and chef abroad jobs. With the growing opportunities for expats in our country and escalating Indian chef jobs in abroad, a new era has commenced for chefs and cooks in India. From classy restaurants to large franchise and fast food chains, those passionate and professional in Indian cuisine have great global careers.

Unlike most professions, which are mainly based on academic skills, being a chef requires knowledge of one’s basic senses, such as smell, taste and touch. Along with creativity, patience and presence of mind are equally important. Physical strength and ability to tackle regular kitchen issues, such as burns and cuts, are the necessary chef-qualities that demand good human relation skills. Chefs work in a variety of settings. Some enjoy the adventure of cruise ships or resorts at exotic destinations. With Indian restaurant franchise industry taking leap of faith, demand for Indian chef jobs in abroad is tremendously growing. .

Apart from Sanjeev Kapur, Vikas Khanna, Tarla Dalal, who have well-established India on global culinary map, there are many Indian chefs abroad who are carving another era of cooking times. One great example of Indian chefs in abroad is a passionate chef, born and brought up in Goa, Floyd Cardoz. When President Barak Obama visited New York in October 2014, he chose Floyd’s classic TriBeCa as the venue for a sold-out fundraiser. Though born in Goa, Cardoz’s concept of food is not limited by geography, evident in his 17-year partnership with certified New York hospitality fixture Danny Meyer. In between hosting Presidents and regular folk at White Street, his next step includes bringing some of his signature poached egg in osteria caviar to Mumbai very soon..

To many international chefs, the path to experimenting with Indian cuisine is to handle the spice-disaster. But that was never an obstacle for another Mumbai-born chef Jehangir Mehta. His creative mind for unusual pairings are his exotic talents. He literally crafted a beautiful dish out of goat cheese, crab and portbello pizza on a puff pastry base. With a runner-up award of The Next Iron chef, Mehta has always had lots of inspirations and a core food philosophy that is a perfect blend of American and French. .

All modern professional kitchens run according to a strict hierarchy. The use of French Brigade system ensures ideal running of the whole operation and chef job categories. The structure varies depending on the size and style of the restaurant, however, as a chef, it’s important to understand many positions held within a professional kitchen.

In the long list of chef jobs abroad and, especially, Indian chef jobs in abroad, following are array of titles:

Executive Chef (aka Group Chef) – The very top of the kitchen management structure. Executive chefs are often responsible for the operation of multiple outlets, and thus they do very little actual cooking!
Head Chef (aka Executive Chef, Chef de Cuisine) - Chef de Cuisine is the traditional French term. The head chef generally controls the whole kitchen, from managing kitchen staff and controlling kitchen costs to liaising with suppliers and creating the menus.
Sous Chef (aka Second Chef) - The sous-chef de cuisine is second in command, and translated it literally means ‘under chef’. The role will typically overlap with the head chef’s, but the sous chef will tend to be more hands on and actively involved in the day-to-day running of the kitchen.
Chef de Partie (aka Station Chef, Line Chef, Line Cook) - Each chef de partie is responsible for running a specific section of the kitchen, such as butcher chef, fry chef, fish chef and grill chef, and they are usually the only worker in that department and, sometimes, may have an assistant chefs.

Giving an upper edge to Indian chef jobs in abroad, Restaurateur Marut Sikka is getting in global chefs to train Indian chefs for a slow cooking process called ‘sous vide’ that is now catching up in India. “India is warming up to global cuisines and we have a big demand for expat chefs for our food events business for cuisines like Italian, Lebanese, Thai and Japanese. Better wages and salaries are being offered now, accessibility is better and better ingredients are coming in,” he said in his interview.

As the hierarchy and demand for chef jobs abroad increases, there are million opportunities for Indian and chef abroad jobs too. So, if you too have the inclination to learn and master the flavours and cuisines of the world, then a career as a Chef would be an ideal choice for you because it’s a whole new promising and successful future in chef jobs abroad.
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