Rajiv Singh,

CEO & Founder Cookfinder

After pursuing his Bachelors of Computer Application in animation, Rajiv now possesses 12+ years of experience in restaurant & food industry and public relations. This born epic foodie aims to streamline the cooking industry with his novel ideas and concepts for enhancement of the industry. Having worked with over 4000+ restaurants, Rajiv currently works as a restaurant service consultant setting up cloud kitchen, take-away services, fine-dine restaurants, pubs, and bars.

Rajiv is a proud owner of a gastronomical pub in Mumbai and Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, where cuisine is prepared with taste, innovation, and creativity. He is a key member of AAHAR, an international food and hospitality flagship fair conducted with a goal of improvising regular restaurant & food standards pan India

Cookfinder success story

In 2013, Rajiv established Cookfinder for providing people an online platform to book cooks, waiters, dishwashers and cleaners and availing complete catering service for their daily needs. Cookfinder is a one-stop solution for all cooking and catering needs. Through Cookfinder, Rajiv and his team of experts have been proffering convenience to people in terms of all their restaurant and chef-related problems. Through his vision and mission, Rajiv has successfully transformed Cookfinder into the best and modest solution for all restaurant-associated inquiries, kitchen staff recruitment-related demands, and franchise-related worries.

Hotel & restaurant industry in India has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. Mr. Rajiv Singh has been at the forefront as one of the most trusted industry names with his chef recruitment agency Cookfinder operating at national and several international levels. Lead by founder Mr. Rajiv Singh Thakur, Cookfinder is known to be the one-stop solution to all restaurant and catering needs. Under, Rajiv’s guidance, Cookfinder operates into the following domains:

• Consultancy services

• Restaurant setup

• Franchise selling

• National and international cooks and chefs’ placements

Through Cookfinder, Rajiv envisions to be recognized as the most quality-driven one-stop solution for restaurant & food industry including restaurant owners, established and aspiring. Rajiv’s mission is to provide high-quality and well-classified consultation services for restaurant owners and those looking to set up a restaurant and franchise-selling business opportunities for established brands for effective business expansion. His mission also involves creating job opportunities for aspiring chefs and cooks worldwide based on clients’ requirements.

For all your restaurant needs, Rajiv proffers trained manpower nationally and internationally. Over the years, Rajiv has successfully established a widespread database of >1 lac+ chefs and cooks and created numerous career opportunities for experienced and aspiring chefs.

Supported with decades of experience, Cookfinder is a cook recruitment agency based in Mumbai. Through Cookfinder, Rajiv recruits efficient and trained kitchen staff as per the demands of multinational restaurants and various small-scale restaurants, including a cloud kitchen, pub, bar, personal chefs, or providing trained chefs to celebrity CEO/CFO and Bollywood celebrities, including John Abraham and Kangana Ranaut. As a famous chef hiring agency lead, Rajiv inspires aspiring chefs and cooks by proffering them several culinary opportunities in various types of cuisines and restaurants.

Till date, Rajiv has successfully catered to 4000+ restaurants, hotels, food and beverage establishments, commercial guest houses, and domestic households nationally and internationally. His cooking experts have now been successfully gaining popularity in several countries, such as South East Asia, Gulf countries, Shri Lanka, Europe, South Africa, and The United States of America. Operating at a highly diversified global hotel industry, Rajiv has established Cookfinder in multiple Indian cities, including Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Hyderabad.

Consultation services

Along with franchise selling business opportunities, Rajiv’s team of experts assists clients in converting their model into a franchise. Rajiv provides the following consultation services to restaurant owners, both established and aspiring, for better operating restaurants in several aspects of restaurant business

• Financial planning and budgeting services

• Restaurant concept and layout

• Selecting a prime location

• Restaurant interior and kitchen setup

• Recruitment of trained manpower, such as chefs, cooks, and management staff

• Menu designing and standardization

• Marketing and branding

Franchise-selling opportunities

Rajiv also believes in providing end-to-end assistance for selling franchise and franchise-related business opportunities whether you are an existing restaurant/cafe owner aiming to expand or a food chain owner of higher profitability. His types of franchise include bakery franchise, juice and smoothie franchise, café franchise, hotel franchise, lounge franchise, and pizza franchise. His franchise-selling services at Cookfinder include the following:

• Industry research and recommendation

• Introduction to franchisors

• Wide network of legal, finance, real estate, and human resources professionals

• Brand power and recognition

• Marketing assistance

Through Cookfinder, Rajiv envisions to provide a great learning opportunity for all aspiring, enthusiastic, and career-driven chefs and cooks at Cookfinder School of Culinary Arts, which is an outstanding fully equipped culinary institute for providing extensive training to aspiring cooks to enhance their culinary skills and knowledge and learn more about cooking industry from highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the food industry.

As the leading cook placement agency, Cookfinder more than cares about a chef’s career and clients’ necessities. The company has been brining chefs and clients together through honesty, integrity, and a lot of experience.


Hunting for the best commercial kitchen that pays desired salary package is a challenge. Moreover, quitting a job in short span due to unfavorable working conditions is quite commonly encountered in this industry. Thus, via Cookfinder, Rajiv not only brings novel culinary experience to hotel and restaurant industry but also proffers an exceptional platform for cooks and chefs by taking their career to greater heights.

Rajiv offers national and international placements in renowned food and beverage establishments with high salary packages. His team is driven to take care of all documentation and legal paperwork in the recruitment process, being constantly at the disposal of applicants. Additionally, his team provides multiple career opportunities of high-paid jobs to choose from.


At Cookfinder, Rajiv aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by offering candidates best suited for one’s needs from his constantly evolving and registered database of over 1 lac+ cooking professionals. Before their recommendation, candidates and their backgrounds are thoroughly verified, post which, a fast-track hiring process is implemented. Rajiv abides by a 3-month guarantee policy, i.e., if a cook quits before 3 months, high-quality recruitment is ensured. Rajiv also offers 100% money back policy if a cook does not report on the day of joining. Moreover, he ensures long-term stay of candidates with employers through legal contracts and Cookfinder’s internal policy. At Cookfinder, Rajiv provides three types of packages to clients: bronze, silver, and gold.

Packages include resumé and resumé + classified advertisements. The packages help you analyze the number of views a candidate profile hits. However, each package comes with different terms and validity. For more dedicated services, one can opt for the premium package. Apart from hiring chef and cook for restaurants, Rajiv also takes care of recruiting other kitchen staff, such as waiters, bar tenders, cleaning staff, and receptionists, to various hotels at national and international level.


Financial planning: Cookfinder helps find the right franchise model based on one’s financial planning and budgeting. Herein, Rajiv’s team carefully strategizes and divides the budget into sections including the rent of a place, interior planning, the cost of setting up a kitchen and equipment, menu designing, kitchen staff and management team, salary of employees, total break-even profits, and returns on investment.


If clients plan to set up a fast-food restaurant or café franchise business model, Rajiv directly connects clients to owners and/or parent company of the franchise and acts as a 24-h communication medium between clients and owners to bridge any gap and eliminate inconveniences.


At Cookfinder, Rajiv ensures 100% revenue returns and profits. For total investment, the time needed to recover the whole invested cost and generate profits is calculated to propose the right plan of future actions. Contrastingly, if clients do not want to opt for franchisee model but are interested in establishing their brand, Rajiv offers them detailed consultation services.

Business opportunity

Rajiv also provides franchise-related business opportunities. In this case, Cookfinder proffers end-to-end assistance to even sell a franchise model. For this purpose, Rajiv’s team strategizes a business plan or B plan, which suits one’s franchise the best. There are mainly two types of models, namely, COCO model, i.e., company-owned company operated model, and COFO model, i.e., company-owned franchise operated model. Moreover, there are three types of franchise in terms of area, namely, kiosk brand (500–600 sq. ft.), expresso brand (1200 sq. ft.), and regalia (2500 sq. ft.). Fees are charged based on the model and type selected by clients, and then, monthly percentage is charged on royalty of the franchise.

At Cookfinder, Rajiv is constantly dedicated to proposing and executing novel ideas for the betterment of food & restaurant industry. He plans to introduce newer concepts at Cookfinder in the near future.