What we do


In order to set up a quick service restaurant, best fast food franchises, and best restaurant franchises, we arrange a meeting with a client; prior to budgeting, we discuss theme and concept of the restaurant.


Our architects and interior designing professionals visit the location and design a 3D-model layout of the café. Layout designs can be revised in case of special client-requirements.


While legal aspects, such as how to get FSSAI, how to get bar license, food license, and fire license, are taken care of. Our kitchen experts set up an ideal commercial kitchen and procure cutlery, equipment, and kitchen appliances required.


Our team helps you to hire celebrity cooks online along with other cooks, chefs, and other kitchen and restaurant staff. Menu is designed and created by the experienced or celebrity chefs. The menu is then standardized to retain consistency in recipe. Our experts also assist you with deciding food costing and selling price of a dish.


We asses menu costing, i.e., total food cost to the restaurant and how much a dish should be sold for. Costing is dependent on rent, number of employees, their salaries, etc. Cookfinder then helps client with automation of systems, which is on-computer inventory control that helps in digitally tracking all the departments of a restaurant.


For a successful restaurant or best fast food franchise, we provide branding and marketing, such as cross, parallel, guerilla marketing, which include branding and marketing of restaurant, its promotion, and publicity wherein your restaurant ties up with brands and products of other segments of business industry, including best fast food franchises such as best pizza franchises.


We are involved in parallel and gorilla marketing and 6-month soft hand holding bond with the client. We ensure operations, profits, sales, expenditure, and complaints of the restaurant, help resolve any issues, and/or manage all social media handles and highlight customer reviews for 6 months, post which we exit the company only until you need us anytime in future.