At CookFinder we help you hire a chef for a restaurant in India we are a cook supply agency and we help you with online cook for your cooking needs.

if you require chef for restaurant in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Indore, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Mangalore, Mangaluru, Pune, Kolkata, Assam, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Chennai, Baramati, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Nagpur, Dubai, London, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Bangkok we have all types of cooks, chefs and other professionals to help you in your culinary hiring.

Cook on demand is a special service offered by coo finder, we will help you hunt and recruit trained and experienced Chefs, Commi1, Cook, Culinary experts, Commi2, Commi3, Executive chef for your business with our highly trained and qualified staff.

Placement of highly trained cooking professionals at your restaurants, hotels, food joints, clubs, offices, canteens, cafeteria, factory etc, our team has more than 10000 cooks and chefs which also includes executive chefs with experience and full training.

New Restaurant

New Restaurant / Cafe Consultation Services by Cookfinder

Cookfinder is an all-inclusive restaurant consultant in Mumbai, currently working with top brands and restaurant groups pan-India and internationally. Our new restaurant/café consultation services provide you with the best guidance and end-to-end support. With our experienced workforce, database, and resources, we proffer consultation for a new café and restaurant business to make our clients better understand how to open a restaurant. As a leading restaurant consultant in Mumbai, our new restaurant/café consultation services are as follows:

LOCATION : For those who face challenged as to how to open a restaurant, Cookfinder understands that successfully managing a business requires a prime location. We assist you with consultation for a new café and restaurant business by starting with hunting a location. Your location is established in a locality, which is in the best pursuit of your target clientele. Based on your requirements, our professionals select a place that offers great visibility, proper area margin, accessibility, and more importantly, parking space for your customers so they can enjoy a longer stay.

RESTAURANT THEME AND CONCEPT BUILDING : How to open a restaurant is based on a theme and overall idea that revolves around restaurant theme and concept. It includes the layout and format of the restaurant, the type of service that you wish to offer, and the cuisine and uniquely crafted menu. Cookfinder’s new restaurant/café consultation services include quick service restaurants/franchise, casual- and fine-dining restaurants, restro-bars and lounges, cafes, bakeries, food trucks. Depending on the concept of your restaurant, our team of interior designers and architects visits the location to make a blueprint. While designing the restaurant, we consider various factors. The type of cuisine served, target clientele, the total area of the place, and your budget are important factors we consider, and propose optimized, unique, and the most suitable restaurant designing, which crucial for generating traction and higher ROIs.

KITCHEN DESIGN : We help build a productive kitchen. With our well-planned strategies, we design a layout of your commercial kitchen for optimally utilizing the place. Allocation of the equipment for smooth workflow and better capacity management. Based on the restaurant theme, our architects, interior designers, and kitchen experts, help you design and manage the most suitable kitchen.

MENU & PRICE PLANNING : Cookfinder helps you create unique and profitable menus by evaluating customer expectations, food trends, percentage sales contributions, and cost/profit margins. We launch effective campaigns by understanding the gross cost of a new recipe. From the point of view of a restaurant owner, food cost percentage is important for understanding how to and how much a dish served should be charged for. Our experts help you compare the spent cost and charged cost for a certain recipe. With years of experience as a restaurant consultant in Mumbai and pan-India, our team of skilled chefs and cooks assist you in standardizing your menu; this brings a unique and unchanged taste to the food served which becomes signature of the restaurant

FOOD LICENSING AND LEGAL-AIDCookfinder guides you through the detailed work of legal documentation and franchise and restaurant permits. With necessary documentation, we help you procure licenses including Food Safety and Standards Authority of India license, liquor license, health/trade license, eating house license, fire safety license, certificate of environmental clearance, and VAT / GST registration.

MANPOWER & TRAINING : Hiring right talent and retaining it are challenging. Our team of recruitment and placement experts, assist you with the best restaurant staff, such as kitchen staff (executive chefs, pastry chefs, line cooks, support staff), service staff (waiters, housekeeping staff, delivery personnel), and management staff (manager, chef, cashier, store manager etc.) Before you start a restaurant or a franchise business, we ensure that the hired staff is well-trained to deliver excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. Our certified coaches and training professionals create an ideal human resource structure for your restaurant.

PROCUREMENT : For serving customers unique recipes that keep them coming back, you need basic necessities to be widely and rightly available. We help you in procuring the freshest of produce and best quality products at reasonable rates. Through our wide and established base of vendors and suppliers, we let you procure all the essential material and ingredients that are important for your menu. Our strong service is inventory control for your kitchen and restaurant. Setting up a computerized management system, you can keep track of your inventory online. Our long-duration contract service is preferable as it helps maintain consistency of your raw materials. We assist you with the Trade Identification Number of the vendor before the contract. Moreover, quality and quantity check of the procured materials is arranged on timely basis to ensure consistency of the procurement.

AUTOMATION OF SYSTEM AND INVENTORY CONTROL : At Cookfinder, through our consultation for a new café and restaurant business, we understand that a restaurant technology is the most important part in managing and running an entire system. With new-age modern technology, we provide you the best Point of Sale (POS) software with latest features integrated. Our technology helps you streamline, organize, effectively manage, and track all the operations that are run in the place and eases the workflow. Our POS assists you in automation of billing processes, stock and inventory control, in-depth reporting of sales and expenditure, standardization of recipes, etc.

MARKETING SUPPORT : Marketing and advertising of your restaurant or franchise is crucial for brand awareness and publicity. Our new restaurant/café consultation services team understand that the competition among restaurants is fierce, and thus, we offer you with the strong and efficient, and high level plan that is in the best interest of the restaurant. Actively utilizing social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, we establish a technologic base. Various schemes of loyalty programs, such as partnering with online food applications, geo-targeted advertising, sending out Email newsletters, and online picture magazines to your regular client database. Additionally, cross-marketing, parallel marketing, and 3-month soft handholding are some of our unique features, which have proven to be very effective with our current client database.

LAUNCH READY : Consultation for a new café and restaurant business for promoting a restaurant is essential before the launch. Nevertheless, we help you with promoting the launch day of the restaurant. Sending out launch cards and pamphlets across the locality and other local businesses, corporates, and institutions, and announcing the launch day are strongly considered at Cookfinder. To publicize the launch and inviting more customers, special offers and discounts on the launch day go a long way. We help in offering strategies, such as “bounce-back offers,” offering a coupon that can be redeemed later to encourage guest visits. Well-decorated place and free appetizers and drinks, and customer interaction generates great interest in the community.

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